Mike Novogratzは、ビットコインが50万ドルに達すると予想しています—BTCはスチュワードシップが不十分な経済における優れた代替手段であると述べています

Mike Novogratzは、ビットコインが50万ドルに達すると予想しています—BTCはスチュワードシップが不十分な経済における優れた代替手段であると述べています

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz says bitcoin is a great alternative and a lifeline to people in countries with poor stewardship of the economy. He expects the price of the cryptocurrency to hit $500K. “We see an adoption cycle that acceleratesgoing viral everywhere,” he said.

Bitcoin Is aGreat Alternativein Some Economies

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz talked about the outlook for bitcoin and the U.S. dollar in a couple of interviews this week.

The biggest thing thats happened in the last 10 years in lots of ways, maybe longer, is when Europe and the U.S. said: ‘Hey Russia, those reserves that you thought were yours, theyre not really your reserves,he told Bloomberg Tuesday.

Elaborating on what he meant, the Galaxy Digital executive detailed:

It means the dollar or treasuries as a risk-free asset isnt so risk free. Its not risk free if youre Russian and maybe if youre Chinese, it might not be risk free either.

So I think we are entering a world thats unknown where people are going to struggle to figure out what is the reserve currency,” he opined.

The U.S. isnt going away. The dollar isnt going away. But its not going to be the sole place. So I think you are going to see this hodgepodge of assets,” Novogratz described.

Gold and, certainly, digital assets are going to be part of that bucket. The whole world is not going to flip to bitcoin overnight but you are going to see more and more people say: ‘I wanna have some of my money outside of the sovereign,he explained.

Noting thatThe Russian ruble has depreciated over 90% in the last 10 yearsandThe Turkish lira did the same,” Novogratz said:

Bitcoin is a lifeline to people in countries with really poor stewardship of the economy.

He similarly told CNBC Thursday: “When theres bad stewardship of economiesbitcoin provides a great alternative.

While admitting, “our stewardship has not been great,” the executive stressed: “If you were in Russia, you would feel pretty stupid having all of your money in rubles. Or if you were in Turkey, youd feel pretty stupid having all your money in the Turkish lira.

Bitcoin Could Hit $500,000

The Galaxy Digital boss was asked about his price prediction for bitcoin. He replied:

Five years out, if bitcoin is not at $500,000 then Im wrong on the adoption cycle.

We see an adoption cycle that accelerates. Bitcoin grew so much faster last year, crypto grew, than the internet did its best years in the 90s. I see this going viral everywhere,” he shared.

Novogratz also commented on the executive order on the regulation of cryptocurrency signed by President Joe Biden last week. He noted: “The politics have shifted even on the Democratic side. Its no longer anti-crypto, its like: ‘Hold on, therere a lot of crypto voters.’

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