Matrixport Founder Jihan Wu Believes Crypto Space Will Swell to 'Tens of Trillions of Dollars'

7ヶ月前, 5月の第1週, デジタル通貨の起業家であるジハン・ウー氏は会議で、仮想通貨業界がインターネットを凌駕し、翌年8月に, ウー’の会社Matrixportが調達した $100 million and joined the crypto industrys growing list of unicorns. This week an interview with Wu was published and the billionaire said that he believes crypto and blockchain space will grow to tens of trillions of dollars in value.


ウー・ジハン: ‘Crypto and Blockchain to Grow to Tens of Trillions of Dollarsin the Future

The former CEO of Bitmain is no stranger to the world of cryptocurrencies as the pioneer has been involved in the industry for well over a decade. ウー・ジハン co-founded the privately-owned company Bitmain Technologies Ltd., with Micree Zhan in 2013.

In recent times, he leads the digital currency financial services company Matrixport, a startup that 隆起した $100 million in August. Wu is a big believer in crypto and blockchain and in May, Wu spoke at the Second 421 Wet Season Festival and Mining Ecology Conference and 言った:

In the long run, the blockchain industry is bullish and is the biggest opportunity. The innovations in this industry may even surpass the Internet itself.

マトリックスポートBitdeer Technologies founder is still bullish about blockchain and crypto and this week he was interviewed by Forbes Asia in a story published by author Robert Olsen. ウー’s optimism is shown throughout the interview and remarked that his firm believes the industry will swell to tens of trillions in the future.

We believed that crypto and blockchain together would experience rapid growth in the future to tens of trillions of dollars,” Wu elaborated during the interview. “And many of these new users will stay in the crypto market forever, so theyll need advanced and sophisticated products to manage the wealth they accumulate in crypto assets.

さらに, Wu highlighted his optimism more so when he said:

Even if 95% of todays coins lose all their value and disappear, the remaining 5% will grow massively.

Former Bitmain Co-Founder Briefly Speaks on Fall Out With Micree Zhan, Bitmain Continues Its Crypto Path

In the interview with Forbes Asia Wu spoke briefly about his falling out with the Bitmain co-founder Micree Zhan. Wu reached a deal with Zhan, stepped away from Bitmain and started Matrixport and Bitdeer. According to Olsen, it was the first time Wu could speak about the issue but a nondisclosure agreement stops the digital currency entrepreneur from speaking on specific matters.

That was a tough period for our business and for me. And of course, the pressures of running a complex manufacturing business built up and eventually led to a falling out between us two cofounders,” Wu explained in the Forbes Asia interview.

While Bitdeer recently announced plans to list on the Nasdaq and the funding Matrixport recently received, ビットメイン is still moving forward in the industry. At the World Digital Mining Summit in Dubai, ビットメイン 明らかに 会社’s most powerful bitcoin mining device to date. According to the announcement the Antminer S19 XP will hash at speeds of up to 140 毎秒テラハッシュ (TH/秒). ビットメイン’s mining pool, Antpool is also the third-largest bitcoin miner today in terms of hashrate, below Foundry USA.

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