FTXUSがモニュメンタルスポーツエンターテインメントと提携, 露出を取得します 4 新しいスポーツチーム

FTXUSがモニュメンタルスポーツエンターテインメントと提携, 露出を取得します 4 新しいスポーツチーム

FTX continues its path toward the sports world as it signed a partnership with Monumental Sports Entertainment (MSE) 月曜日に. The deal makes it so FTX US will be MSEs exclusive crypto exchange and non-fungible token partner.


FTX and Monumental Sports Entertainment to Collaborate

Monumental Sports Entertainment (MSE) 発表した on December 20, that the organization has partnered with FTX US in amulti-year deal.The collaboration will makeFTX US the official cryptocurrency exchange and non-fungible token (NFT) partner for MSE and its properties,” MSE said on Monday.

The properties also include the NHLs Washington Capitals, NBAs Wizards, WNBAs Mystics, and Capital City Go-Go, the announcement details. MSE is embracingnext-generation engagement to increase brand awareness,” the company added. With the NFT partnership, の “FTX US NFT platform will have exclusive rights to future NFT drops by Monumental Sports teams.

MSE was founded by the American businessman, investor, filmmaker, and author, Ted Leonsis who was a former senior executive with America Online (AOL). The company is also the co-owner of Axiomatic, which manages the global esports franchise Team Liquid.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment is thrilled to be working with FTX to bring the leading cryptocurrency exchange to the most loyal and sophisticated fans in the country,” Jim Van Stone, MSEs president, business operations, and the firms chief commercial officer said in a statement.

の ‘Big Block-ChainCampaign andIncreasing Digital Asset Awareness

FTX will be the official presenting partner for a highlight series called: FTX USBig Block-Chain.According to the announcement, the Big Block-Chain campaign will be published on social media, in-game announcements, and arena LED signage.

FTX US will also be featured on the premium, concourse, and arena television networks, maximizing arena patronsexposure to the FTX US brand,” MSE’の発表内容.

FTX has made numerous sports partnerships during the last year including sponsoring a Sports Illustrated sweepstakes, signing the Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani as an ambassador, と Tom Brady and supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen as well.

The company has 提携した with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team, and also 追加した Green Bay Packers Running Back Aaron Jones to the FTX ambassador team. The exchange is the MLB’s official cryptocurrency exchange brand and FTX paid $210 100万 to rebrand the esports giant TSM.

The announcement concerning the partnership between FTX and MSE is all about increasing awareness as MSE claims the organizationregularly gathers the worlds top leaders, advocates, and influencers at its games and events in the heart of a global city and in the nations capital.

One of our key goals at FTX US is to continue growing the awareness of digital assets, while also providing users of the FTX US platform with a unique experience,” FTX US vice president of business development, Avi Dabir remarked on the collaboration.

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