CoinbaseでCardanoステーキングサービスが可能になりました, しっかりとした「ステーキングポートフォリオの拡大を継続する計画」

行進に 23, 暗号通貨取引所コインベースは、プラットフォームでカルダノステーキングサービスが可能になると発表しました. 会社’シニア プロダクト マネージャーの Rupmalini Sahu 氏は、カルダノは時価総額とそのプルーフ オブ ステークでトップ 10 の暗号資産の 1 つであると述べました。 (PoS) ブロックチェーン “seeks to be more flexible, sustainable, and scalable.


Coinbase Now Offers Cardano Staking Services

カルダノ (ADA) holders can now leverage the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase to stake their ADA, according to an announcement from the Coinbase executive Rupmalini Sahu. 事務所’s senior product manager said that while people can stake on their own by delegation, Coinbase’s staking iseasy [と] secure.

According to Sahu, the current staking annual percentage yield (APY) on Coinbase is 3.75% and after a probation period of 20-25 日々, users can then obtain rewards with the exchange. The Coinbase blog post stresses that the usersalways maintain controland claimsyour Cardano always stays in your account; you just earn rewards while keeping your crypto safely on Coinbase.” さらに, the company says ADA stakers can opt-out at any time. Sahus blog post adds:

The Cardano network sets the underlying return rate depending on the number of staking participants. Coinbase distributes the return to customers, less a commission.

Cardano Is Coinbases 5th Staking Product, Senior Product Manager Says FirmPlans to Continue to Scale Staking Portfolio

取引プラットフォーム’s latest product addition follows a class-action lawsuit that has been filed against the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase is being sued for allegedly listing 79 unregistered securities and カルダノ (ADA) is mentioned in the list. After the ADA staking announcement, the crypto asset cardano jumped roughly 20% higher during the last 24 時間.

カルダノ (ADA) staking product from Coinbase is the companys fifth staking service to date. 現在, besides ADA, Coinbase customers can stake tezos, イーサリアム, cosmos, and algorand. According to the Coinbase senior product manager, more coins will be added to the firm’s “staking portfolio in 2022.

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