Ripple と Peersyst の開発者は、EVM サイドチェーンの第 1 フェーズで XRP をイーサリアムとの互換性に向けて推し進めます

According to an announcement from Ripples core development team Ripplex, developers have introduced the first step toward Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility with the XRP-based sidechain XRPL. The XRPL is now live on Devnet and developers canassess available technologies,” alongside

報告する: Ronin SidechainProcessed 560% 昨年11月のイーサリアムよりも多くの総取引

The blockchain-powered game Axie Infinity has been a very popular application during the last 12 月, as the games NFTs have outpaced every NFT collection today in terms of all-time sales. While Axie Infinity has seen $3.85 billion in all-time sales,…