Economist and Political Scientist Refute Claims of US Dollar’s Demise Despite Trend of De-Dollarization News

This year, there has been a flurry of news reports and opinion editorials discussing an alleged de-dollarization trend amid a wave of disclosures associated with the BRICS bloc. In a recent article, the American political scientist and author Ian Bremmer insisted

Robert Kiyosaki Says ‘America Is Dying’ — Warns of Hyperinflation, Death of US Dollar

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has issued a warning about the potential demise of the U.S. dollar and the looming threat of hyperinflation. He has expressed concern that the USD may lose its value andbecome toilet paper.” さらに遠く,…

Burry on Banking Crisis, Kiyosaki Warns of ‘Fake Money’ Injections; Talk of ‘Anti-Crypto’ Agenda Behind Signature Bank Collapse — Week in Review

Speculation and debate continue to rage surrounding the current global banking debacle. Hedge fund manager Michael Burry — known for predicting 2008’s economic crisis — is drawing comparisons to the Panic of 1907, while Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki Says World Economy on the Verge of Collapse — Warns of Bank Runs, Frozen Savings, Bail-Ins

ベストセラー本「金持ち父さん貧乏父さん」の有名な著者, ロバート・キヨサキ, says the world economy is on the verge of collapse. He warned investors about the risks of bank runs, frozen savings, and bail-ins that may come next. Robert

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Warns ‘Everything Will Crash’ — Plans to Buy More Bitcoin

ベストセラー本「金持ち父さん貧乏父さん」の有名な著者, ロバート・キヨサキ, has warned thateverything will crash,” including gold, 銀, とビットコイン. でも, he sees crashes as buying opportunities, noting that he will buy more bitcoin. Robert Kiyosaki Reiterates

Robert Kiyosaki Says He Likes Bitcoin — Calls BTC ‘People’s Money’

ベストセラー本「金持ち父さん貧乏父さん」の有名な著者, ロバート・キヨサキ, says he likes bitcoin, calling the cryptocurrencypeoples money.While admitting that he does not know much about bitcoin, 彼は言った: “私’m just glad I bought it at

Robert Kiyosaki Buying More Bitcoin — Warns SEC Regulations Will Crush Most Cryptocurrencies

ベストセラー本「金持ち父さん貧乏父さん」の有名な著者, ロバート・キヨサキ, has revealed why he is buying more bitcoin. He warned that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations willcrushmost other cryptocurrencies. Robert Kiyosaki Buys More Bitcoin,…

Robert Kiyosaki Expects Bitcoin Investors to Get Richer When Fed Pivots, Prints Trillions of Dollars

ベストセラー本「金持ち父さん貧乏父さん」の有名な著者, ロバート・キヨサキ, says that bitcoin investors will get richer when the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, and Wall Street pivot and trillions of dollars are printed. Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Bitcoin Investors

ロバート・キヨサキ: 私はまだビットコインに強気です — 仮想通貨は FTX 崩壊のせいにはできません

ベストセラー本「金持ち父さん貧乏父さん」の有名な著者, ロバート・キヨサキ, 仮想通貨取引所FTXの破綻にもかかわらず、ビットコインは依然として強気. He stressed that the cryptocurrency cannot be blamed for the actions of former FTX CEO Sam

ブラント氏はDOGE弱気相場は終わったと語る, キヨサキ氏は「連邦準備制度がピボットする前にBTCを購入することを勧める」, は、WBA ボクシング世界タイトルのラミレスの挑戦を支持しました — 週のレビュー

In this week’s hottest stories from News, veteran trader Peter Brandt says the bear market that began for dogecoin back in May is over, boxer Gilberto ‘Zurdo de Oro’ (Golden Southpaw) Ramírez steps up for a shot at the