As the Fed Turns 109 Years Old, the US Dollar’s Purchasing Power Eroded by More Than 96% Since It Was Created

109 years ago, アメリカ. Federal Reserve was created and ever since that day, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has dropped a great deal. Since the Fed started, more than 96% of the greenbacks purchasing power has been erased

米国のインフレは予想よりも悪い可能性があります, ゴールドマンサックスは言う—アトランタ連邦大統領の好意 25 BPS利上げ

While the conflict in Ukraine is a hot topic, fears of rising inflation continue to haunt Americans residing in the country, as economists and analysts note U.S. inflation will likely remain high. Inflation is likely going to be worse than initially


Inflation in the U.S. has a large number of Americans worried about the future of their purchasing power as the cost of goods and services has continued to rise faster every month. Reports note that Americans are struggling to pay for

St. 米連邦準備制度理事会のジェームズ・ブラードは、インフレに対応するために「11月のテーパー開始を支援」する

St. Louis Federal Reserve president James Bullard told the press on Tuesday that he thinks the U.S. central bank needs to wind down the buying of $80 billion worth of monthly bond purchases. Bullard says he would support tapering starting as

以来最高の米国のインフレ期待 2013, ガス価格の急騰, サプライチェーンのバックル

Americans are still concerned about dealing with inflation, as the cost of goods and services has continued to rise significantly in a short period of time. The Federal Reserve has published the latest Survey of Consumer Expectations report and U.S. households