‘Oil Prices North of $200’ per Barrel — Investor Expects Oil to ‘Crush’ Every Investment in 2023

Amid the dreary global economy, a number of market strategists and analysts believe oil will be the number one investment in 2023. While a barrel of oil is coasting along at prices between $80.12 と $85 ユニットあたり, Goldman Sachs analysts

米国がロシア人を起訴, 暗号通貨を使用した制裁回避のためのベネズエラ人

A group of Russian and Venezuelan nationals have been charged by U.S. authorities for their roles in a scheme to circumvent Western sanctions and launder money on a global scale. They have been accused of obtaining military technologies from American companies,…

S&Pグローバルレポートによると、EUと英国は不況に陥っています, プーチンは西側が貪欲だと考えている

今日’s blustery global economy has everyone on edge as inflation has wreaked havoc on the wallets of ordinary people and energy prices continue to soar worldwide. According to Credit Suisse, “the worst is yet to come,” as the global investment bank’s…

ニコラス・マデューロは豊富な石油とガスで西を誘惑する, ベネズエラ大統領は制裁の解除を望んでいる

Amid the economic rumblings across the world and the energy crisis in Europe, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has said his country is ready to step up and help with oil. Despite the fact that Venezuela has the largest supply of crude


ロシア ルーブルが米ドルを下回った 2 か月後. ペニー, 大陸横断の国’の法定通貨は、世界で最もパフォーマンスの高い通貨です. アメリカのエコノミストは困惑している “異常事態” because a country facing stiff sanctions typically sees its fiat currency