Nigeria Extends Deadline for Returning Soon-to-Be Demonetized Naira Banknotes

After initially ignoring pleas to extend the period for returning old naira banknotes, the Nigerian central bank recently said it has shifted the deadline for returning old banknotes to Feb. 10. The bank’s governor, ゴッドウィンイブニング, said some 30,000 so-called super

報告する: Nigerian Central Bank Spent Over $1.8 Billion Managing Local Currency

During her appearance before Nigerian lawmakers, Aisha Ahmad, the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), told lawmakers that out of the nearly $1.8 billion used to manage the local currency, 以上 90% of this total was reportedly used

New Naira Banknotes to Make Monetary Policy More Effective — Nigerian Central Bank Governor

The Central Bank of Nigeria governor, ゴッドウィンイブニング, has said the newly designed naira banknotes are set to enhance the effectiveness of the organization’s monetary policy and bolster the financial inclusion cause. Forcing Currency Hoarders to Return to the Banking System