Gold Outshined Bitcoin This Month Climbing 6% Higher Amid US Real Estate Slump, Lower CPI Data

This month, gold has outperformed bitcoin after crypto markets shuddered from the recent FTX collapse, and the precious yellow metal climbed 6.12% since the first of November. アメリカ. housing market has shown weaknesses and October’s 米国. inflation rate was lower

米国のインフレは依然として灼熱の熱気, にジャンプ 9.1% 6月—ホワイトハウスはCPIデータはすでに「古くなっている」と述べています

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) 報告, 私たち. inflation remains scorching hot as it has risen at the fastest yearly rate since 1981. 六月’s CPI data reflected a 9.1% year-over-year increase, even though a number

著者は、現在の金価格が現在よりも安いと主張している 1980

While gold is generally perceived to be the best hedge against inflation, a report written by author Kelsey Williams has now questioned this longstanding assertion. In the report, Williams argues that the current gold price of around $1,810 per ounce is