Metaverse Tokens Outperform Top Crypto Assets in 2023 With Decentraland’s MANA Leading the Pack

During the first month of 2023, the top two leading cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum, experienced double-digit gains against the U.S. ドル. その間, several alternative cryptocurrencies saw even greater increases in value, with metaverse tokens like Decentralands MANA and The Sandboxs SAND

Samsung Is Investing More Than $35 Million in Latam-Focused Metaverse Initiatives

サムスン, the Korean electronics behemoth, has revealed it is currently investing more than $35 million dollars in metaverse initiatives for the Latam audience. The objective behind this move is to help the brand attract and connect with younger audiences, as part

スペイン サッカー リーグの Laliga が Globant と提携し、新しい Web3 と Metaverse のイニシアチブをサポート

Laliga, the premier soccer league organization in Spain, has announced a partnership with Globant, an Argentine software giant, to bring Web3 and metaverse experiences to its fans. The partnership will combine Globants tech resources with Laligas tech division in order to

調査によると、シンガポールは世界中のNFT検索でリードしています, 研究者は「ポーランドは最も反NFTの国である」と言います

過去 7 日間, 代替不可能なトークン (NFT) 売り上げが落ちた 23.37% および 30 日間の統計によると、NFT の売上は減少しています 63.10% 前月から. NFTへの関心が薄れている一方で, a recent study indicates that global regions like Singapore and


The Italian luxury brand Michele Franzese Moda has announced the firm is accepting crypto assets for payments. The company revealed the decision via Michele Franzese Modas online magazine in an article calledIts Time for Crypto.Italian luxury Brand Michele Franzese

WebblandMetaverseの売上高の急増 126% なので 2 ペントハウスは6桁で売る

While blockchain virtual worlds have seen significant demand during the last few months, を “interoperable pixel metaverseproject called Webbland has seen weekly NFT sales spike by 126.24%. The project recorded over $3.6 million in sales over the last seven days,…


Victorias Secret, the renowned designer lingerie company, has filed a series of trademark patents that suggest the organization is ready to offer its products in the metaverse. The announcement was made by Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney, who stated these actions


After the electronics giant Samsung disclosed the firms upcoming 2022 smart televisions would boast non-fungible token (NFT) サポート, the company has revealed it has opened a virtual store inside the Decentraland metaverse. Modeled from the physical store Samsung 837, サムスン’s metaverse

Defi Kingdomsは、メタバースプッシュに加えて記録的なアクティビティレベルに到達します

デフィキングダムズ, メタバース ベースのブロックチェーン ゲーム, メタバース プロジェクトが現在市場で勢いを増しているため、活動が活発になっています。. Dappradarによると, ゲームのアクティビティが大幅に増加しました. This is also accompanied by

100 NFTコレクションは上回っています $20 数十億のボリューム— Cryptopunks, 退屈な猿はトップボリュームをキャプチャします

代替不可能なトークン (NFT) assets were extremely popular this year and to date, そこの’s been more than $20 billion in volume recorded in terms of NFT sales among 100 collections. While many single NFTs sold for millions of dollars a number of