Nexo Bitcoin Withdrawals Surge Following Raid of Bulgarian Offices

After the offices of crypto lender Nexo were raided in Bulgaria, the digital currency lending platform experienced a significant amount of withdrawals starting Jan. 12, 2023. An archived snapshot of Nexos real-time attestation shows that the company held 133,263 bitcoin on

半ダース以上の米国の証券規制当局が、仮想通貨の貸し手である Nexo に対して訴訟を起こす

Crypto lender Nexo is having issues with state authorities from California, New York, ワシントン, Kentucky, Vermont, South Carolina, and Maryland. The enforcement actions from multiple state securities regulators detail that Nexos Earn Interest Product (EIP) may be in violation of securities

CryptoLenderBlockfiが保護します $250 FTXからのミリオンラインのクレジット, CEOは、キャピタルがバランスシートを強化すると述べています

The crypto lender Blockfi detailed on Tuesday that the company secured a $250 million line of credit from FTX. Blockfi’s CEO Zac Prince announced on Twitter that the company will use the capital to bolster Blockfi’s “balance sheet and platform strength.”…