US With Highest Number of Closed Bitcoin ATMs in Negative Growth Year

The number of ATMs supporting digital currencies has fallen around the world over the course of a turbulent year for the whole industry. According to a new report, the United States has lost more machines offering crypto teller services than any

調査によると、シンガポールは世界中のNFT検索でリードしています, 研究者は「ポーランドは最も反NFTの国である」と言います

過去 7 日間, 代替不可能なトークン (NFT) 売り上げが落ちた 23.37% および 30 日間の統計によると、NFT の売上は減少しています 63.10% 前月から. NFTへの関心が薄れている一方で, a recent study indicates that global regions like Singapore and

ウガンダは探鉱調査が発見されたと主張している 31 百万メートルトンの金

While gold is often considered a scarce asset, Uganda explained on Wednesday that recently conducted exploration surveys indicate that theres roughly 31 million metric tons of gold ore waiting to be mined in the region. さらに, a spokesperson from Ugandas Ministry

調査によると、米国は本拠地です 41% 世界中のNFT企業の

According to a study calledA World of NFT Adoptionpublished by, the United States has the most non-fungible token (NFT) company headquarters in the world. While the U.S. captures more than 41% of the NFT companies worldwide, the second

Crypto’s Sanction-Slipping Power: ビットコインの中立性が最大の人道的資産である理由

Decentralized networks such as Bitcoins dont know national allegiance, they only know math. And when youre trying to get your savings out of an ATM, or send a payment to relatives in a war-torn environment, someone elses politics is the last


A bill has been introduced in Canada to encourage the growth of the crypto sector. “Canada should be attracting billions of dollars in investment in the fast growing crypto asset industry. Today I introduced a bill, the first of its kind


Maxime Bernier, a former cabinet minister nicknamedMad Maxand the leader of the Peoples Party of Canada (PPC), says he supports bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. “I hate how central banks are destroying our money and economycryptos are another new