BTC-eのAlexander Vinnikが裁判の遅延を理由に保釈を申請

The alleged operator of crypto exchange BTC-e, Alexander Vinnik, has asked to be released on bail due to the delay in court proceedings. In early August, the Russian IT specialist was extradited to the United States to face charges of money


A member of the defense team of the alleged BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik has called on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to intervene in support of his client. The Russian national may be sentenced to over 50 years in

疑わしいクリプトロンダラーの弁護士 Vinnik は、ロシアに米国との囚人交換について話し合うよう呼びかける

A lawyer representing Russian IT specialist Alexander Vinnik has urged the government in Moscow to discuss a potential exchange of prisoners with the United States, where he was recently extradited. The French legal expert is convinced only a return to his

伝えられるところによると、Crypto Exchange WexDmitryVasilievの元CEOがクロアチアに拘留された

ドミトリー・ヴァシリエフ, co-owner and former chief executive of the now defunct Russian crypto exchange Wex, has been arrested upon entering Croatia, 地元メディアが報じた. The crypto entrepreneur is wanted by Kazakhstan where he is accused of stealing money from an investor….

伝えられるところによるとポーランドで逮捕されたWexCryptoExchangeの元ヘッド, カザフスタンへの身柄引き渡しに直面

ドミトリー・ヴァシリエフ, former chief executive of Russian cryptocurrency exchange Wex, has been detained in Warsaw, the Polish press reported. Vasiliev is wanted in Kazakhstan where he is accused of fraud related to the now defunct trading platform, successor of the infamous