Bitmainがローンチ 2,400 合併に先立つメガハッシュE9イーサリアムマイナー

7月に 6, 仮想通貨マイニング装置メーカーの Bitmain は、4 月にデバイスを公開した後、待望の Antminer E9 の発売を発表しました。 15, 2021. マシンは最大の速度を誇っています 2.4 ギガハッシュ/秒 (GH/秒) and Bitmain is selling the device for $9,999 ユニットあたり.


Bitmain Launches Antminer E9 for $4.17 per Megahash

447 days after revealing the Antminer E9, Bitmain has finally launched the product. 会社 発表した the launch on July 6, 2022, and said “[The Antminer E9] is equipped with a hashrate of 2,400 [MH/s], 1920W power efficiency, and power efficiency of 0.8J/M. E9 is an advanced Ethereum miner which enhances ETH/ mining operations.”

The new アントマイナー E9 leverages the consensus algorithm Ethhash and the 2,400 MH/s of hashpower is equal to 2.4 GH/秒. At $9,999 ユニットあたり, the E9 is $4.17 per megahash and delivery will take place on July 15-31.

Bitmain Launches 2,400 Megahash E9 Ethereum Miner Ahead of The Merge

Interested buyers can purchase the Antminer E9 with bitcoin (BTC), usdコイン (USDC) そしてテザー (USDT) tokens stemming from Ethereum and Tron. There’s a maximum of five units per account that can purchase the new Antminer, according to the website.

The new Antminer E9 can get an estimated profit of around $37.98 per day with an electrical cost of around $0.12 キロワット時あたり (kWh) and using today’s ether exchange rates. The machine outpaces the top two Ethhash compatible competitors which include Innosilicon’s A11 Pro ETH miner with 1,500 MH/s and the A10 Pro+ ETH miner with 750 MH/s.

E9 Launches Ahead of Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake Transition

Bitmain’s latest Antminer E9 comes at a time when Ethereum proof-of-work (捕虜) mining is nearing the end of the road with The Merge. While The Merge has been delayed on multiple occasions, ETH developer Tim Beiko 言った he “strongly suggests not investing more in mining equipment at this point.”

While Beiko said that statement in April, Ethereum’s hashrate tapped an all-time high 6月に 4, 2022, ブロックの高さ 14,902,285 when the hashrate reached 1.32 ペタハッシュ/秒 (PH/秒).

When The Merge takes place, the Ethereum network will transition fully to a proof-of-stake (PoS) system rather than use PoW. 現在, ETH miners can still mine ether but there’s also a parallel blockchain called the Beacon Chain which runs a PoS system.

After The Merge, miners will not be able to mine ethereum (ETH) going forward, but the miners can mine on the Ethereum Classic () 通信網. Many expect the current hashrate that’s dedicated to ETH 今日, will transition over to the network following The Merge.


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