Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison Reportedly Spotted at a Coffee Shop in Manhattan With FTX Dog ‘Gopher’

12月に. 4, 2022, the Twitter account and citizen journalist called Autism Capital shared two pictures of a woman that closely resembles the Alameda Research CEO, Caroline Ellison. The pictures were taken at a coffee and sandwich shop in Manhattan at 8:15 午前. (ET).


Citizen Journalist Reportedly Spots Alameda’s Caroline Ellison in New York

According to a tweet published by the Twitter account dubbed Autism Capital, Alameda Research’s top executive may have been spotted in New York. Autism Capital 書きました: “PLEASE CONFIRM: A user claims that they spotted Caroline Ellison at Ground Support Coffee on West Broad in SoHo Manhattan at 8:15 AM. This would mean she is not in Hong Kong and is in NY not in custody.”

Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison Reportedly Spotted at a Coffee Shop in Manhattan With FTX Dog 'Gopher'

Caroline Ellison has been the topic of many conversations after the former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) told the press that he “wasn’t running Alameda,” and that he “didn’t know the size of their position.” This has sparked speculation that SBF threw Ellison “under the bus,” and the FTX co-founder was accused of doing so during a Twitter Spaces conversation.

さらに, on Nov. 26, レポート littered social media that claimed Ellison left Hong Kong and fled to Dubai, but reports were unconfirmed. Autism Capital also got confirmation of the Ellison sighting from a person behind the counter at the coffee and sandwich shop in Manhattan. “CONFIRMED: The barista behind the counter has confirmed it was Caroline,” Autism Capital つぶやいた.

Ellison’s Alleged Location Near the New York Attorney’s Office, FBI — Picture Appears to Show ‘Gopher’ the Exchange Executive’s Golden Doodle Puppy

The citizen journalist also shared pictures of messages sent that also said a source was “99%” sure “it’s her.” The message also says there’s an “Alameda person” with her. In addition to the confirmations from the barista behind the counter, there’s also the sighting of a Golden Doodle puppy pictured at the bottom of the ostensible Ellison’s feet. FTX and Alameda executives shared a Golden Doodle pup called “Gopher.” SBF recently つぶやいた about Gopher before FTX collapsed.

Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison Reportedly Spotted at a Coffee Shop in Manhattan With FTX Dog 'Gopher'
The ten people in SBF’s inner circle had a Golden Doodle pup called “Gopher.”

The dog pictured in the alleged photo of Ellison looks an awful lot like Gopher, including a small white stripe on the dog’s belly. The Twitter post from Autism Capital got a lot of views and some of the thread’s visitors commented that maybe Ellison was singing to the police.

People also shared street maps showing that the coffee and sandwich shop was really close to the New York Attorney’s Office and the FBI. “After a close analysis, she’s snitching on Sam,” one person 書きました. Since FTX collapsed, Ellison has been super silent about the situation, while SBF has been doing a media tourspeaking candidly.

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