Jordan Belfort, le «Loup de Wall Street», met en garde contre l'investissement dans les crypto-monnaies Dogecoin et Shiba Inu

'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort Warns About Investing in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Cryptocurrencies

Jordanie Belfort, l'ancien agent de change dont les mémoires ont été transformées en un film avec Leonardo DiCaprio, a mis en garde contre l'investissement dans les crypto-monnaies meme, comme dogecoin (DOGE) et shiba inu (SHIB). Belfort a expliqué que “Les gens profitent d'un marché non réglementé,” emphasizing thatThe sooner governments step in the better it is for crypto.

The Wolf of Wall Streets Advice on Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Cryptocurrencies

Jordanie Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street, has warned investors about putting money in meme cryptocurrencies, comme dogecoin (DOGE) et shiba inu (SHIB), in an interview with The Sun, published Tuesday.

“je’m a fan of blockchain but theres a lot of nonsense out there, a lot of shit coins which serve no purpose and are only there to separate people from their money,” he opined.

Belfort is a former stockbroker whose memoir was adapted into a film titledThe Wolf of Wall Street,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese. Belfort founded Stratton Oakmont which functioned as a boiler room that marketed penny stocks and defrauded investors withpump and dumpstock sales. He pleaded guilty to fraud in 1999 and went to prison for 22 mois; he is now a motivational speaker.

I got greedy. … Greed is not good,” he said in 2014 at a motivational talk in Dubai.

The Wolf of Wall Street author told The Sun:

You hear crazy stories of people making millions and billions but for every person like that there are 10,000 ou 100,000 people getting their a** handed to them in shiba inu … Ce’s not a proper investment.

Belfort added: “People are taking advantage of an unregulated market and creating shit coins which have no value and have no use.

Both dogecoin and shiba inu have gained immense popularity over the past months. Au moment de la rédaction, DOGE is the 10th largest crypto by market cap and SHIB is the 13th largest. The price of dogecoin is $0.210057. It has gained more than 6,154% over the past year. Shiba inus price is $0.00004284. The meme coin has gained 66,650,613.9% over the past year.

Belfort then lashed out at crypto investment schemes like MILF coin and yummy coin, stating thatunscrupulous people start the coins and get into a chat room and saying stuff thats blatantly illegal.

Il a souligné: “People should go to jail seriouslythey are not legitimate. There is no way they are ever going to workMy guess is that someone will end up getting indicted for this stuff.

Emphasizing, “What I hate about it the most is that legitimate stuffit gives those digital coins a bad name,” he opined:

The sooner governments step in the better it is for crypto because when authorities start to regulate a dark market, it gets bigger and better.

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