Syria Urges BRICS to Lead in Ditching Dollar, Talks Yuan Adoption With China

BRICS nations can lead efforts to abandon the U.S. dollar in international settlements, according to President Bashar Assad of Syria. At a meeting with China’s top diplomat for the region, the leader of the war-torn Middle Eastern country called for using

Un tribunal américain condamne un blanchisseur russe de crypto-rançons à une peine de probation et à une amende

A Russian crypto entrepreneur, charged with laundering money from ransomware attacks, has been sentenced to probation and fined in the U.S. after pleading guilty. Founder of two coin trading platforms, Denis Dubnikov, was arrested in the Netherlands and extradited to the

Dollar to Play Lesser Role Due to Its Weaponization, Monnaies numériques, Economist Jeffrey Sachs Says

Within the next decade, les Etats Unis. dollar will play a much less dominant role than it is today, according to Jeffrey Sachs. The renowned economist listed a few factors for the diminishing status of the greenback such as its use as

Bankman-Fried de FTX utiliserait les fonds d'Alameda pour payer sa défense juridique

According to two sources close to FTX, Sam Bankman Fried, the disgraced co-founder, gave his father, Stanford Law professor Joseph Bankman, millions of dollars. The funds are reportedly being used to pay for legal costs. The sources said that Bankman-Fried allegedly gave

Stanford Alumni Revealed as Co-Signers of FTX Co-Founder’s $250M Bond

According to the latest court documents in the fraud case involving former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried in Manhattan, the New York judge presiding over the case unsealed the co-signers of Bankman-Fried’s bond on Wednesday. The names of the two bail bond

Sao Paolo Court Ruled Against Binance in User Withdrawal Related Case

A court in Sao Paolo, Brésil, ruled against Binance in a case in which the leading cryptocurrency exchange faced a withdrawal-related complaint. A user, who introduced a lawsuit against the exchange because he couldn’t retrieve his funds from the platform, received

Russian IT Firms Lobby for Crypto Payments in Software Exports

Companies developing software solutions for foreign customers are urging Russian authorities to allow them to accept crypto payments. The proposal is part of a package of measures aimed at supporting IT exports suggested by an industry organization to the executive power

La Banque de Russie va promouvoir le rouble numérique dans le commerce extérieur alors que le ministère des Finances fait pression pour l'option crypto

Days after the two institutions agreed on the need for cross-border crypto payments, the finance ministry and the central bank of Russia are once again highlighting their different priorities. While the treasury department aims for legalizing cryptocurrency payments in the coming

La province argentine de Mendoza commence à accepter les paiements d'impôts en crypto

Mendoza, une province argentine, a mis en place un système qui permet aux contribuables de payer intégralement leurs impôts avec des crypto-monnaies. Le système, qui a été lancé cette semaine, is part of a strategic push for the modernization and digitalization of payments carried by the

Vaculug, leader européen du rechapage de pneus, accepte les paiements cryptographiques

Vaculug, une entreprise britannique qui se présente comme l'Europe’s le plus grand rechapeur de pneus indépendant, acceptera désormais les crypto-monnaies pour ses produits et services. Its management says the business must move with the times and offer customers more options than pounds and pence….