US Government Remains a Top Bitcoin Holder With Seized Stash Valued at $5.6 Milliard

As of March 25, 2023, les Etats Unis. government held 205,515 bitcoins worth $5.6 milliard, which is approximately 1.06% of the circulating supply, according to current statistics. The cache of bitcoins is a result of three forfeitures that began in 2020. Glassnode’s…

Bitcoin Proponents Slam Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman After Venmo Payment Issue

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman complained on Twitter Wednesday that he was experiencing issues with the centralized payment processor Venmo. His tweet was followed by a barrage of bitcoin supporters who insisted that Krugman was now realizing the importance of censorship-resistant

Proche de 60,000 BTC effacé des bons du Trésor Bitcoin en 9 Mois, 4 Les entités détiennent plus de 100 000 BTC

During the last two years, a number of public and private companies, exchange-traded products (ETPs), and countries have added bitcoin to their balance sheet. toutefois, during the last nine months of 2022, the number of bitcoin stored in these types of

Michael Saylor publie une lettre ouverte discutant du «volume considérable de désinformation» lié au Bitcoin

The Microstrategy executive Michael Saylor is a big believer in Bitcoin as his company has purchased close to 130,000 bitcoin during the last few years. Six days ago, les Etats Unis. Office of Science and Technology Policy published a report that claims

Le procureur général de DC poursuit le milliardaire Michael Saylor et Microstrategy pour fraude fiscale présumée - cherche $100 Million

The attorney general of the District of Columbia has sued Microstrategys co-founder and executive chairman, Michael Saylor, for tax fraud. The lawsuit also names Microstrategy as a defendantalleging that it conspired to help him evade taxes he legally owes.Both

La branche de gestion d'actifs de 655 milliards de dollars de Charles Schwab commencera à négocier des ETF liés à la cryptographie cette semaine

Charles Schwab’s $655 billion asset management arm is launching its first crypto-related exchange-traded fund (ETF). The new fund is expected to start trading this week on the NYSE Arca exchange. Charles Schwab Launches Its First Crypto-Related ETF Schwab Asset Management, a

Dépenses de microstratégie $200 Des millions de plus sur Bitcoin, Augmenter le total des avoirs à 129,218 BTC

The Nasdaq-listed company Microstrategy has bought an additional 4,167 bitcoins. Its latest purchase has raised the companys crypto holdings to 129,218 bitcoins. Microstrategy Purchases More Bitcoin for Its Treasury The Nasdaq-listed software company Microstrategy has acquired more bitcoin through its subsidiary,…

Réclamations sur la liste des bons du Trésor Bitcoin 59 Les entreprises et une poignée de pays détiennent 1.49 Millions de BTC

304 days or roughly nine months ago, 42 companies held bitcoin on their balance sheet with an aggregate total of 1,350,073 bitcoin on March 1, 2021. Aujourd'hui, metrics indicate there are 59 entreprises, a few countries, and exchange-traded funds (ETF) avec…

Microstrategy achète plus de Bitcoin, Maintenant en attente 124,391 BTC

Nasdaq-listed Microstrategy has bought more bitcoin for its corporate treasury. The latest purchase for 1,914 coins has raised the companys total cryptocurrency holdings to 124,391 bitcoins. CEO Michael Saylor recently said that he expects the price of the cryptocurrency to eventually

Le PDG de Microstrategy prévoit que le prix de Bitcoin atteindra $6 Million

The CEO of Microstrategy expects the price of bitcoin to reach $6 million, noting that it isunstoppableand will replace gold. The executive personally owns 17,732 bitcoins while his company is hodling 122,478 bitcoins. Microstrategys CEO Expects Bitcoin to Hit