Hashkey Capital Raises $500 Million for Its Third Fund, Despite Crypto Market Downturn

BK, global asset manager Hashkey, which focuses on crypto and blockchain investments, announced that it has closed its third fund at $500 million. The company’sHashKey Fintech Investment IIIis dedicated to developing crypto solutions, technologie blockchain, and Web3 concepts….

Les prix en dollars ont presque augmenté 54% au Venezuela pendant 2022

Prices in Venezuela have been rising steadily even when denominated in foreign currency. According to data collected by Ecoanalitica, a market research firm, prices marked in dollars have grown close to 54% during 2022, affecting the income and savings of Venezuelans

Recent Poll Shows Citizens of El Salvador Still Not Sold on Bitcoin

A recent poll completed by the Public Opinion University Institute, part of the Simeon Canas Centroamerican University, has found that El Salvador is still not attracted by the idea of bitcoin as legal tender. The poll results indicate that almost two-thirds

Signaler: Le géant des services financiers Old Mutual est nommé directeur des réserves de trésorerie du projet Stablecoin sud-africain

One of South Africas largest financial services groups, Old Mutual, has reportedly been appointed manager of the ZARP stablecoin projects cash reserves. Founders of the stablecoin are hopeful that the appointment of one of the countrys oldest financial services companies will

L'approbation du plan de sauvetage du FMI aide le kwacha zambien à prendre la position du rouble russe en tant que devise la plus performante au monde

After the International Money Fund revealed it had approved a bailout package for Zambia, the Southern African countrys currency, the kwacha, rallied by 3.1%. Following this gain, the kwacha took the Russian rubles position as the worlds best-performing currency in 2022….

Signaler: La République centrafricaine demande l'assistance de la Banque centrale régionale pour élaborer une réglementation sur la cryptographie

Un nouveau rapport a revendiqué la République centrafricaine, qui est devenu le premier pays d'Afrique à donner cours légal au bitcoin, a récemment demandé à la banque centrale régionale’s assistance à l'élaboration d'un cadre réglementaire de crypto-monnaie. The report also said the CAR had

Les prêteurs nigérians frustrent l'adoption de la CBDC - Gouverneur de la Banque centrale

Les prêteurs nigérians apathiques frustrent l'e-naira’s l'adoption parce qu'ils craignent que cela ne les prive d'une source de revenus clé, Godwin Emefiele, la Banque centrale du Nigéria (CBN) gouverneur, a dit. Emefiele said the central bank is working on a

La Banque centrale sud-africaine considère désormais la crypto-monnaie comme un actif financier

The deputy governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) recently said the institution has changed its position on cryptocurrency, and now regards it to be a financial asset which must be regulated as such. The SARB expects to have a

Crypto Exchange Coincoinx va lancer l'application Crypto to Fiat Payments au Venezuela

Coincoinx, un échange de crypto-monnaie, will reportedly launch a service that will allow users to skip trading crypto for fiat to make payments in Venezuela. Le service, which is called Coinpago, will allow users to make payments in every store and retailer

La CBDC veille à ce que le Nigeria reste compétitif dans un monde de plus en plus numérique - Gouverneur de la Banque centrale

Le gouverneur de la Banque centrale du Nigéria (CBN) has insisted the recently introduced e-naira digital currency can potentially boost trade and investment activities in the country. He added the digital currencywould be necessary in the future to ensure Nigeria