La mondaine et mannequin Alexis Ren ne fait pas confiance à l'économie du dollar, Dit que la crypto est une alternative viable

Socialite and Model Alexis Ren Doesn't Trust the Dollar Economy, Dit que la crypto est une alternative viable

The American social media personality and model, Alexis Ren believes the fiat economy iscollapsingand recently she told the press she thinks cryptocurrencies offer a viable alternative. In a recent interview, Ren explained her interest in crypto is fueled by the socialites reservations in the dollar-based economy.

Alexis Ren: ‘The Economic Structure We Have Been Living on Is a Lie and Its Delusional

Au cours de la dernière 12 mois, numerous analysts and economists have said that the U.S. economy faces uncertainty. At the end of October Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, expliqué that he believes America issliding into depression.” Vendredi, Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff told the media that he thinks “nous’re on a knife-edgein terms of where inflation in the U.S. is going. toutefois, famed novelists, analysts, and American economists are not the only ones predicting bad times are ahead for the U.S. economy.

Business Insider’s (BI) Jim Edwards discuté du sujet with the socialite and model Alexis Ren after shes been telling people that she thinks the economy is based on lies. “I think the economic structure we have been living on is a lie and its delusional and its just an agreement and so we need to find something better, and I think bitcoin and cryptocurrency is that,” Ren explained in a Youtube video she crafted calledTruth or Drink.

Speaking with Edwards, the Instagram star with 15 million followers told the BI reporter in a video call that the devaluation of USD is an issue. “They keep printing more of it, so that it has no value,” Ren stressed. “It used to be backed by gold and its not anymore. And so we dont have any value except their belief and faith in it and thats even scarier. Because now theyre just utilizing our faith in the dollar. And then theres no set amount. And so there needs to be a new thing,” she went on to say.

Model Says the Current Economic System IsNot Sustainable

The popular model further detailed that the U.S. economy wascollapsingand she highlighted that the current money creation issue is a never-ending cycle. “I know that but were in debt, so were trying, nous’re printing more money to pay back debt and then we just keep accumulating more debt. Ce’s a black hole,” Ren said. The social media star thinks that the economic system isnot sustainableand opined what she thinks American citizens want. “An economy thats sustainable and that can move with us,” Ren added.

The interview further explains Rens appreciation for cryptocurrencies and non-fungible token (TVN) assets. Ren is the founder of a tech platform called and the project recently revealed its plans to tie NFTs to the companys brand. will leverage NFTs for a subscription to the service rather than cash payments. Concluding the interview with BIs contributor Jim Edwards, Ren told the reporter that people should invest a small amountin cryptocurrencies every month.

What do you think about the recent interview with the social media star and model Alexis Ren? Do you agree with her that the dollar-based economy iscollapsingand cryptocurrencies are a viable alternative? Faites-nous savoir ce que vous pensez de ce sujet dans la section commentaires ci-dessous.