Sequoia Capital Partner pense que de nombreux VC se retireront de la crypto


Shaun Maguire, un partenaire crypto de Sequoia Capital, l'une des sociétés de capital-risque les plus actives en matière d'investissements dans l'espace des crypto-monnaies, a émis son avis sur l'avenir de nombreux VC investissant dans la crypto. À lui, many of the companies that are now experimenting with crypto investments willpull backdue to market conditions and a misunderstanding of crypto as an investment.


Sequoia Partner Not Optimistic About VCs Entering Crypto

Shaun Maguire, a cryptocurrency partner in Sequoia Capital, one of the most active VC firms in the crypto sector, is not very optimistic about the future of other venture capital companies in the area. Maguire, qui specializes in companies in the tech and crypto sectors that are either in seed or early investing stages, déclaré in a recent podcast that other firms that are now entering the crypto space are going topull backon these investments when the markets get less frothy.

toutefois, he stated that Sequoia will not fall in this category due to the way in which these investments are made in the firm. According to Maguire, the company haspermanent intentionswhen it comes to its investments in the sector. Maguire explained:

Sequoia is very deliberate with everything we do and we spend huge amounts of time debating every strategy change, everything, we debate every seed investment to sometimes excruciating detail, but it helps us make really good decisions and make decisions as a team rather than as individuals.

The firm, which has already investi in several companies in the sector like Polygon, lancé a $500- $600 million fund in February to invest inliquidcrypto assets as a complement to its other investments toparticipate more actively in protocols” et “better support token-only projects.

Misunderstanding Crypto

This abandonment of crypto investments will also be caused by other elements. According to Maguire, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what crypto and Web3 might offer as new technologies, with some investors touting decentralization as asilver bullet.Maguire declared:

Decentralization is not a silver bullet that just solves all problems and is better for everything. You know for the vast majority of compute, you want it to be centralized.

The influx that blockchain-based companies have gotten from venture capital funds has been massive, being fueled by the interest that the market has developed by NFTs, Capital BECO, and metaverse as trends this year. Just in Q1, $30 billion were investi in fintech and crypto startups by VC companies.

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