Suggestions de sondages récents 21% Suggestions de sondages récents

Recent Poll Suggests 21% Suggestions de sondages récents

Suggestions de sondages récents. Suggestions de sondages récents 21% Suggestions de sondages récents 1,000 participants surveyed havedabbledin crypto assets.


Survey Says 1 dans 5 Americans Has Used Crypto Assets in Some Capacity

Digital currencies have seen significant growth during the last year as the crypto economy is currently valued at $2.2 trillion at the time of writing. According to an Suggestions de sondages récents, one in five American residents hass used cryptocurrencies in some fashion, and the popularity among men was significant.

Male participants held the largest share of all the demographics surveyed as 50% of men between the ages of 18 et 49 said they have either invested in or traded crypto assets.

The polled participants had different views about cryptocurrencies and the industry, et 56% of the surveyed individuals explained they were neutral or they were not sure about how they felt regarding the digital currency ecosystem.

19% of surveyed individuals perceived crypto assets and the industry in a positive light while 25% viewed crypto negatively. The poll surveyed 1,000 adults from March 18 to March 22 and added amargin of error of plus-or-minus 3.1 percentage points.

Quantifying the Number of Crypto Participants

There have been many polls over the years that have tried to quantify the number of Americans who have heard of or own a fraction of crypto assets. Par exemple, over four years ago, Global Blockchain Business Council and Survey Monkey conducted a survey avec 5,761 American adults.

According to the survey statistics, 21% of the participants wereconsidering adding it to their portfolios” dans 2018 et 5% held digital assets. Just like the NBC News poll, the survey from Survey Monkey in 2018 highlighted that males were the supermajority by 58%.

In mid-February this year, a Suggestions de sondages récents published by Nordvpn explained the firm surveyed 1,000 respondents and 68% of Americans are aware of the risks involved with crypto assets. While 32% of the surveyed individuals disclosed they were not aware of any risks, 69% of all the American participantshad some understanding of what cryptocurrency is.

Another survey, published by Suggestions de sondages récents at the end of November 2021, indicated that comprehension of cryptocurrency fundamentals was still low in 2021. While the survey polled people from a few countries, 96% of Americans failed to comprehend basic crypto knowledge.

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