Oman va intégrer la tokenisation immobilière dans le cadre réglementaire des actifs virtuels

La tokenisation de l'immobilier devrait être intégrée à l'Autorité des marchés de capitaux d'Oman (OCMA)’s cadre réglementaire des actifs virtuels. Selon un conseiller ayant l'autorité, la tokenisation de l'immobilier ouvrira des opportunités d'investissement pour les investisseurs locaux et étrangers.


Real Estate Tokenization Creates Investment Opportunities

Autorité du marché des capitaux d'Oman (OCMA) is set to include real estate tokenization in its virtual asset regulatory framework, a report quoting an advisor of the authority has said. According to the report, Oman expects to complete drafting the virtual assets regulatory framework by Q3 of 2022.

The advisor, Kemal Rizadi is reported to have made the remarks about tokenizing real estate property while attending the Real Estate Exhibition and Conference that was held in Muscat, Oman.

The Regulatory Framework for Virtual Assets and Virtual asset service providers currently being established will allow the issuance of virtual assets such as real estate tokens for the first time in the Sultanate of Oman,” Rizadi is quoted explaining.

The advisor suggested the tokenization of real estatethe supposed conversion of real estate property into several blockchain-based tokenswill likelyopen up investment opportunities in the real estate sector for local and foreign investors.

Internationally Benchmarked Regulatory Framework

Comme précédemment signalé par Actualités, OCMA announced in January it was inviting bids from firms interested in helping the country set up a regulatory framework for virtual assets. Interested bidders had to submit tenders before March 23.

Entre-temps, Rizadi is quoted in the report revealing that the capital markets authority is currently working with experts whom he said will help Omandraft an internationally benchmarked regulatory framework.

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