Le troisième milliardaire le plus riche du Mexique met en garde contre une forte inflation du dollar - dit d'acheter du Bitcoin pour "sauver votre peau"

Mexico's Third Richest Billionaire Warns of Severe Dollar Inflation — Says Buy Bitcoin to 'Save Your Skin'

The third-richest billionaire in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has shared his experience of living through hyperinflation. He warned that the U.S. and several other civilized countries aregoing exactly the same routehis country went through in the 1980s.


Mexican Billionaire Warns About Inflation

Mexique’s third-richest billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, gave some advice Thursday regarding inflation, hyperinflation, bitcoins, and fiat currencies at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, Floride.

Salinas is the founder and chairman of Grupo Salinas, a group of companies with interests in telecommunications, media, financial services, and retail stores. According to Forbeslist of billionaires, his net worth is about $13 billion currently.

The billionaire began by sharing his own experience living with inflation. “I was making $2,000 dans 1980 and a few years later I was making 20 bucksthe same salary was down from 2,000 à 20 bucks,” il a dit, ajouter:

So I know about hyperinflation. je’ve been there. And its not the same to know it in theory as to actually be a victim of it.

He warned: “The bad news is that the U.S., and Japan, and the U.K., and the euroblockthey are going exactly the same route my country went in the 80s. Ce’s exactly copy-paste, you could just change the numbers but the graph would be the same.

The Mexican tycoon proceeded to show a chart of the total federal debt of the U.S. gouvernement, which is projected to be $36.2 trillion in 2031. “See, horrific. $36 trillion and this is on the books debt, not counting off the books stuff,” he exclaimed.

The next chart he showed was of total U.S. des atouts, which grew from $0.8 trillion in 2005 à $8.9 trillion this year. “So the Federal Reserve has a lot of assets, that must be great, mustnt it? And theyre buying bonds, that must be great,” he commented before explaining what the Federal Reserve actually did.

What they are doing is making fake money out of thin air and loaning it out to create a purchasing power to the tune of, nous’re now, $9 trillion of fake savings made by the Federal Reserve,” the billionaire described, ajouter:

The creation of fake credit which equals purchasing power has been astounding. The problem is because the dollar is the reserve currency of the world, cant do anything about it. You cant go out of the dollarunless you go to bitcoin.

Salinas Warns About Central Bank Digital Currencies

Salinas proceeded to talk about central bank digital currencies (CBDC). He brought up a picture of ECB Chief Christine Lagarde, BIS general manager Agustin Carstens, and U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. He labeled themThe Villains.

He said: “CBDC, monnaie numérique de la banque centrale, cette’s even worse than the dollar. Ce’s much worse than the dollar because if the CBDC is issued, these people will have full control over how you can spend your money.” Il était d'avis:

en outre, they will be tracking 100% of all your spending and what you spend and how you spend ittheyre pretty devilish people.

He pointed out that while Lagarde was the chief of the International Monetary Fund (Le FMI avertit que les sanctions contre la Russie menacent de saper la domination du dollar américain), the organization published papers stating thatthe way to deal with government debt is through inflation, we will liquefy the debt and get away with paying less.

Noting that right now we are at the equivalent of his $2,000 a month salary and we are going the route of earning $20 a month, he then asked, “Is this the future you want?”

He concluded: “je’ve been there and Ive done that and its going to come. Ce’s not a pretty sight. So what can we do? We can buy bitcoin and sell those shitcoins that we have there. And definitely no to fiat fraud.

He warned: “This has happened. It just didnt happen to the U.S. It doesnt mean it cant happen to a civilized country. Germany was a highly civilized country until it got hit by the inflation in Weimar.While admitting that Germany is not the same as Zimbabwe, he said it can go through the same process. The billionaire opined: “Unfortunately, in the U.S. its curtains. This is the way to save your skinbuy bitcoin.

Salinas tweeted Thursday:

Please… enfiler’t put your future in governmentshands, you and I know how that always ends, stay away from fiat money, invest in BTC.

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