Luna Foundation en achète un autre $5 Millions en Bitcoin, Porte-monnaie LFG 42,530 BTC

La Garde de la Fondation Luna (GLF) acheté un supplément 123.89 Bitcoin le vendredi vaut près de $5 millions au moment du règlement. Depuis la mi-mars, Terre’s LFG acquiert régulièrement des bitcoins et après l'achat vendredi matin, the non-profit organization has approximately 42,530.827 bitcoins.

LFG Acquires Another Batch of Bitcoins for the Projects Decentralized UST Forex Reserves

Ever since Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon said the Terra project would purchase $3 billion worth of bitcoin for Terras decentralized UST forex reserves, LFG has been acquiring quite a bit of BTC. News reported on LFGs last buy when it obtained 2,508 BTC two days ago and the wallet held approximately 42,406.92 BTC after the acquisition.

Vendredi, the non-profit organization LFG acquired a much smaller quantity of bitcoin as it deposited 123.89917 BTC worth close to $5 million at 1:55 a.m. (UTC). All of the funds deposited into the LFG address have stemmed from a Binance hot wallet, except for random dust transactions sent to the wallet on a daily basis.

Now LFGs bitcoin wallet holds 42,530.827 bitcoin worth $1.71 billion at the time of writing. It is currently the 18th largest bitcoin wallet after 69 transactions that started on January 21, 2022.

The purchase of 123.89 BTC follows the creation of the Terraform Labs Global Founder Fellowship. “The aim of the Terra Global Founder Fellowship is to work with top tier early-stage VC firms, accelerator programs, and tech unicorn companies,” the Terraform Labsannouncement explained on Wednesday.

The Terra Global Founder Fellowship partners include Jump Crypto, Delphi Digital, Outlier Ventures, Long Hash Ventures, SCB10X, Alpha Finance Lab, Ship Capital, Basis Set Ventures, and Insignia Ventures.

Terre’s stablecoin UST was also listed on Binance US on April 13, and USTs market capitalization on April 15 is only $200 million away from surpassing the stablecoin BUSDs market valuation. Terre’s UST has seen its market cap grow by 15.5% during the last 30 jours.

GLF’s Adresse sûre de Gnosis has seen a lot of action in recent times as well. The address recently saw a deposit of 86,923,440 tether (USDT) three days ago. This was after the non-profit withdrew approximately 100,000,000 USDT the day before.

Statistics show the LFG Gnosis safe address holds around $549.6 million in stablecoins with the most dominant being usd coin (USDC). The address currently holds $398.16 million worth of USDC, $151.4 million worth of tether (USDT), and a small fraction (0.056 ETH) of ethereum worth $168.56.

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