Blockchain Arm de Fox Entertainment abandonne le marché NFT dédié à la série télévisée à succès The Masked Singer

Fox Entertainment's Blockchain Arm Drops NFT Market Dedicated to Hit TV Series The Masked Singer

Fox Entertainment et Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) a annoncé le lancement de, un marché et une communauté de jetons non fongibles dédiés à la série de divertissement et au concours de chant à succès “Le chanteur masqué.” Selon Fox et BCL, the NFT marketplace and a game will be powered by the Eluvio blockchain.

Fox, Blockchain Creative Labs, Eluvio Introduce The Masked Singer NFT Marketplace

In mid-May, Fox Broadcasting Company, the American commercial broadcast television network, annoncé it was launching a non-fungible token (TVN) business called Blockchain Creative Labs. In June, Fox detailed that it had teamed up with Bento Box Entertainment (BBE) and initiated a $100 million fund aimed at empowering NFT content creators.

Now the broadcasting and entertainment company is unveiling an NFT ecosystem dedicated to the popular singing competition show “Le chanteur masqué.” Fox and BCL launched, which allows fans of “Le chanteur masqué” (ETC) à “build their own collection of limited-edition digital masks for every character from all six seasons of the series to unlock surprises and exclusive giveaways.

TMS is a series that premiered on the Fox television network on January 2, 2019. Les Etats Unis. version, hosted by Nick Cannon, is based on the original that started in South Korea. The series features well known individuals, professional athletes, and celebrities wearing costumes and masks to hide their identities.

The show also stars Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke. During the first and second years of production, Adweek mentionné the show was theHottest Reality/Competition Seriesin the United States. When the third season of TMS appeared, it was the series most-watched episode, et TMS ratings soared after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic as well.

Miss Masky’ et ‘Packs de masques’

The NFT drop on begins on October 13 à 5:30 p.m. (EST) and there will be multiple stages, according to statements sent to News. The first part will see fans getting a free NFT ofMiss Maskyas they create a digital media wallet, through Eluvio.

The announcement further details that throughout the season, visitors will be able to obtain “Packs de masques” that include character cards from TMS andwill unlock a marketplace for fans to purchase and sell cards to complete their sets, as well as additional premium and unique digital merchandise.

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