La banque russe Sberbank autorisera les utilisateurs à émettre des NFT sur sa plate-forme Blockchain

Recognizing existing demand for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, one of the largest banks in Russia, Sberbank, now intends to allow users to issue them on its blockchain platform. The financial institution also plans to cooperate with art sites and galleries across

Les sociétés financières signalent leur premier accord avec des actifs numériques en vertu de la loi russe

Two companies have carried out Russias first transactions with digital financial assets as defined by the countrys current legislation. The deal involved the tokenization of debt issued by a third party and its subsequent acquisition. Russian Companies Conduct Issue and Placement

Sberbank lance le premier ETF Blockchain en Russie

Russian banking giant Sberbank has presented the countrys first exchange-traded fund (ETF) giving investors access to the blockchain space. The new instrument holds securities of companies dealing with cryptocurrencies and the technologies that underpin them. Sberbank Introduces ETF Tracking Blockchain Economy