La Banque de Russie va promouvoir le rouble numérique dans le commerce extérieur alors que le ministère des Finances fait pression pour l'option crypto

Days after the two institutions agreed on the need for cross-border crypto payments, the finance ministry and the central bank of Russia are once again highlighting their different priorities. While the treasury department aims for legalizing cryptocurrency payments in the coming

La Russie ne peut pas se passer des paiements cryptographiques transfrontaliers, Consensus atteint

Key government institutions have agreed that Russia needs to legalize crypto payments for international settlements. The proposal has been gaining support in the past few months since Moscows decision to invade Ukraine was met with wave after wave of Western sanctions….

Blockchain russe Alternative à SWIFT pour empêcher la déconnexion des nations, Banques

A Russian university is ready to test its blockchain-based analogue to the global payment messaging network SWIFT, from which Russian banks were cut off as part of Western sanctions. The developers say their system would not allow the disconnecting of countries