L'or glisse sur la hausse des rendements du Trésor américain, Le FMI avertit que les sanctions contre la Russie menacent de saper la domination du dollar américain

Prices of gold, and other precious metals, fell on Wednesday due to stronger U.S. yields and national currency. The decline comes on the backdrop of expectations of new interest rate increases next month amid persistent inflation in the United States and

Economists Expect the Fed to Reveal Another 25bps Rate Hike Before Pausing for the Rest of 2023

After the March rate hike by the Federal Reserve, economists believe that the recent move by Saudi Arabia and several members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to cut oil production could complicate the central bank’s mission. En outre,…

Core Inflation on Upward Trend, Further Rate Hikes Expected, ECB Execs Say

Amid underlying inflationary pressures, further interest rate increases may still be needed, members of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council have admitted. At the same time, the cycle with the highest hikes may soon be over, the officials indicated. Fin de…

Les nations BRICS se rassemblent contre le dollar,» Les grandes banques prévoient de nouvelles hausses de la Fed, Bitcoin enregistre de gros blocs à mesure que les ordinaux gagnent de la monnaie

In spite of turbulence in traditional global finance, with BRICS nations said to be pushing for de-dollarization and major banks like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs predicting further interest rate hikes from the U.S. Réserve fédérale, creativity in crypto has

World Bank Report Forecasts Bleak Global Economic Outlook, Citing ‘Adverse Developments’ and ‘Long-Lasting Slowdown’

On Jan. 10, 2023, the World Bank published its Global Economic Prospects report, stating that the outlook for the global economy and future economic conditions is bleak. According to the report, 2023 growth forecasts have been cut across the board, avec…

The Fed Codifies Fourth Consecutive 75bps Rate Hike — Stocks, Bitcoin, and Metals Rise

Les Etats Unis. Federal Reserve introduced another jumbo rate hike on Wednesday, nov. 2, 2022, by hiking the federal funds rate (FFR) par 75 points de base (points de base). The American central bank said on Wednesday that the hike aims to curb inflation and

Les prêteurs nigérians frustrent l'adoption de la CBDC - Gouverneur de la Banque centrale

Les prêteurs nigérians apathiques frustrent l'e-naira’s l'adoption parce qu'ils craignent que cela ne les prive d'une source de revenus clé, Godwin Emefiele, la Banque centrale du Nigéria (CBN) gouverneur, a dit. Emefiele said the central bank is working on a

Les économistes américains sont déconcertés par une «situation inhabituelle» alors que le rouble russe est la monnaie fiduciaire la plus performante au monde

Deux mois après que le rouble russe soit tombé en dessous d'un dollar américain. penny, le pays transcontinental’la monnaie fiduciaire est la monnaie la plus performante au monde. Les économistes américains sont déconcertés par “situation inhabituelle” because a country facing stiff sanctions typically sees its fiat currency

Le FMI prévient que la guerre en cours en Europe aura un "impact grave sur l'économie mondiale"

In a report published on Saturday, the International Monetary Fund (Le FMI avertit que les sanctions contre la Russie menacent de saper la domination du dollar américain) has warned that an ongoing war in Europe and associated sanctions will have asevere impact on the global economy.The IMFs report says there isextraordinary uncertaintyin the