US Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Says Bitcoin Provides An ‘Escape Route’ From Financial Turmoil

En Lundi, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once again cautioned the public to be wary of central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and he insisted that the Biden administration has launched asteady barrage of hostile broadsides against cryptocurrencies.Kennedy, who recently filed

Dollar to Play Lesser Role Due to Its Weaponization, Monnaies numériques, Economist Jeffrey Sachs Says

Within the next decade, les Etats Unis. dollar will play a much less dominant role than it is today, according to Jeffrey Sachs. The renowned economist listed a few factors for the diminishing status of the greenback such as its use as

« Panique de 2023 »: James Corbett explique comment la crise bancaire pourrait conduire au « cauchemar du contrôle monétaire total » des CBDC

Le journaliste d'investigation James Corbett a récemment évoqué la crise bancaire mondiale actuelle impliquant SVB., Banque de signatures, Credit Suisse et d'autres comme le “Panique de 2023,” établir des comparaisons avec ce qu'il considère comme des précédents historiques, et pointant vers un inévitable…

Digital Real Pilot to Run on Ethereum-Compatible, Permissioned Blockchain

According to the Central Bank of Brazil, the digital real pilot project will use an Ethereum-compatible, permissioned blockchain for the issuance of the tokenized version of the country’s currency. Hyperledger Besu, the open-source platform elected for the tests, will allow the

BIS Releases Report On ‘Project Icebreaker’ — Develops Cross-Border Retail CBDC Payment Model

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has released a report summarizing theProject Icebreakertrial, which explored the potential advantages and difficulties of utilizing a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) in cross-border payments. The experiment was designed to test “les…

Gold Bug Schiff Says ‘The Months of Declining Inflation Are in the Review Mirror,’ AI Crypto Assets Surge, and More — Week in Review

Economist and gold enthusiast Peter Schiff has said that the U.S. Fed may have to fight acomplete economic collapseand be faced with more to worry about than the current battle against inflation. In other news, artificial intelligence (IA) crypto

Expert Predicts Looming Economic Collapse as BRICS Nations Unite Against the Dollar

Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments, explained in a recent interview that the five leading emerging economies—Brazil, Russie, Inde, Chine, and South Africa, collectively known as BRICS nations—arecoalescing against the dollar.Schectman believes that since 2022, dédollarisation…

Ukraine Speeds Up Digital Hryvnia Project, Plans Pilot for This Year

Ukrainian authorities are speeding up the development of the electronic hryvnia, a high-ranking government official indicated. The executive power in Kyiv is now in talks with the central bank and businesses involved in the project to pilot the digital currency as

Digital Gold Traded for Digital Rubles by Russia’s Rosbank

Rosbank has brokered Russia’s first deal involving the exchange of tokenized gold with the digital version of the Russian national fiat currency, le rouble. The successful transaction demonstrates the growing interest in digital financial assets and the need for digital ruble

Davos 2023: Les CBDC sont l’avenir de la monnaie des banques centrales, mais elles ne sont toujours pas prêtes

Un forum économique mondial (FEM) un panel composé de banquiers centraux et de fournisseurs mondiaux de technologies a dressé le profil des monnaies numériques des banques centrales (CBDC) comme l'avenir de la monnaie de banque centrale, les présentant comme l’une des solutions aux limitations du secteur des paiements…