Les protocoles de jalonnement liquide voient une augmentation des dépôts mensuels d'ETH malgré les retraits après le hard fork de Shapella

Suite au hard fork de Shapella en avril 12, 2023, environ 332,368 éther, évalué à environ $699 million, a été retiré. Malgré ces retraits, protocoles de jalonnement liquide comme Lido, Fuséepool, et d'autres ont connu une augmentation des dépôts d'éther au cours des dernières années.…

Yuga Labs’ Twelvefold Collection of Ordinal Inscriptions Generates 735 Bitcoin, Worth More Than $16 Million

Laboratoires Yuga, the creators of the blue-chip non-fungible token (TVN) collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAIE), announced that the team has completed its Ordinal Inscription auction with a total of 3,246 bidders. The Twelvefold collection of inscriptions generated 735.7 bitcoins, worth

Pakistan Banks to Use Blockchain Technology for KYC

Banks in Pakistan plan to launch an electronic platform for know-your-customer procedures that will be operating on a national level. The blockchain-based system will allow them to exchange the personal information of customers through what they describe as a decentralized and

Le processus d’approbation d’Apple retarde le lancement de l’application mobile d’Uniswap; L'entreprise lance une version d'essai limitée

En mars 3, 2023, Le FMI avertit que les sanctions contre la Russie menacent de saper la domination du dollar américain, the firm behind the decentralized exchange Uniswap, announced the launch of a limited early-release application through Apple’s Testflight program. The company stated that the limited release was due to Apple not granting approval for the

Hashkey Capital Raises $500 Million for Its Third Fund, Despite Crypto Market Downturn

BK, global asset manager Hashkey, which focuses on crypto and blockchain investments, announced that it has closed its third fund at $500 million. The company’sHashKey Fintech Investment IIIis dedicated to developing crypto solutions, technologie blockchain, and Web3 concepts….

L'industrie vietnamienne de la blockchain fait face à une pénurie de talents

The booming blockchain sector in Vietnam is having to deal with a serious deficit in specialists, les médias locaux ont révélé. Despite the large number of software engineers in the country, those with blockchain expertise meet less than a fifth of the current

Le gouverneur de Floride, Ron DeSantis, déclare que l'État « trouve des moyens » pour permettre aux entreprises de payer des impôts en Bitcoin

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis explained at a press conference on Tuesday that hes spoken with state agencies and told them to figure out ways for businesses to pay tax with cryptocurrencies. During the signing ceremony for a bill focused on financial

L'Iran va piloter la « crypto-monnaie nationale »,' Envisage Blockchain Tech pour le marché boursier

The Central Bank of Iran soon plans to launch the pilot phase of its digital currency project, an official unveiled. The Islamic Republic hopes to a join a growing club of nations that want to take advantage of having a sovereign