Encre Bitcoin: Une étude montre que l'intérêt pour les "tatouages ​​cryptographiques" a bondi 222% l'année dernière

As cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, finances décentralisées (défi), and non-fungible token (TVN) technology experienced extreme growth during the last year, interest in crypto tattoos has risen a great deal. According to a recent study published by Crypto Head, searches for tattoos related to cryptocurrencies jumped 222% over the last year.

Study Shows a Growing Interest in Crypto and Bitcoin Tattoos

A report published by Crypto Head and shared with Bitcoin-Tidings.com News indicates that people have been more interested in getting crypto-related ink done than last year. Crypto Heads study analyzed Google search volume and Instagram hashtag data, which show interest in crypto tattoos has risen 222% au cours du dernier 12 mois. According to the research findings, 1,900 queries involved the search termcrypto tattoo.

Bitcoin tattoo,” on the other hand, saw 1,600 search queries over the last 12 months anddogecoin tattoohad 700 recherches. Entre-temps, the second-largest crypto asset, in terms of market capitalization, ethereum (ETH) had the least amount of tattoo-related queries. In addition to leveraging Google search data, Crypto Head researchers looked at metrics stemming from Instagram as well.

Findings from the report show that bitcoin (BTC) tattoo-related themes reign on the social media application Instagram with 986 posts adorned with the hashtag “#bitcointattoo.” À peu près 956 Instagram posts had the hashtag “#cryptotattooin the post and only 11 posts contained the hashtag “#dogecointattoo.Once again, the hashtag “#ethereumtattoowas the least recorded hashtag on Instagram with only six posts in total.

In addition to the research published by Crypto Head, other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, show a number of posts with the hashtag “#cryptotattoo.The hashtag “#bitcointattoois also very relevant on social media platforms like Twitter as a slew of individuals have shared pictures of their Bitcoin-themed ink over the last few years.

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