Appel du verdict du procès Bitcoin d'un milliard de dollars - L'inventeur autoproclamé de Bitcoin s'attend à une victoire

Appel du verdict du procès Bitcoin d'un milliard de dollars - L'inventeur autoproclamé de Bitcoin s'attend à une victoire

The law firm representing Ira Kleiman has sent a notice of appeal to the Florida District Court in an attempt to appeal the courts rejection of a Kleiman v. Wright retrial. The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, Craig Wright, was cleared of all charges at the end of the Kleiman v. Wright trial, except one count of conversion.


Ira Kleiman Appeals Retrial Rejection in the Kleiman v. Wright Case

En avril 8, 2022, the law firm Roche Freedman LLP submitted a notice of appeal to the Florida District Court system. The appeal is tied to the recently concluded Kleiman v. Wright trial which ended on December 6, 2021. The trial started on February 14, 2018, as the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright was accused of perpetratinga scheme against Daves estate to seize Daves bitcoins and his rights to certain intellectual property associated with the Bitcoin technology.

The verdict at the end of 2021 came to a conclusion after the jury was deadlocked for a number of days at the end of the trial. Finally, a verdict was reached and Wright and his defense team from Rivero Mestre LLP managed to beat all the charges except one count of conversion. While Wright was mandated to pay $143 million to W&K Info Defense, Wright dit à la presse that he wasincredibly relieved.

The latest notice of appeal stems from Roche Freedman’s Velvel Freedman, and the appeal is filed on behalf of Ira Kleiman as representative of the estate of Dave Kleiman. Ira Kleiman is the brother of the now-deceased security expert Dave Kleiman. The notice is appealing the rejected retrial as Roche Freedman and Ira Kleiman want to take the case to trial again. The appeal follows Velvel Freedmans recent tweet that explains how Wright owes W&K Info but allegedly has not paid. En mars 9, Freedman tweeté:

Make that $143,132,492.48 after W&K just won prejudgment interest. Unfortunately, Craig Wright still hasnt paid a cent.

Coingeek Article Hints at Possible Cross-Appeal, Wright SaysHe Won the First Time and Fully Expects to Win Again

In a recent article published by Coingeek author Jordan Atkins, the reporter says thatgiven the ownership status of that company, it isnt clear how Kleiman will be able to recover any of the $140 million award.Atkins also quotes Craig Wright in the article who firmly said that he had won the lawsuit, despite the one count of conversion. The Coingeek editorial published on April 10 also hints at a possiblecross-appeal from Dr. Wright on the count found in favor of W&K.

I won the first time and fully expect I will win again. The jurors came to the right decision after listening to 13 days of testimonials and deliberating for seven days, and am confident there will be no change to their decision on appeal,” Wright remarked in the Coingeek article. “David Kleiman, while being a close friend, did not co-invent Bitcoin and Ira Kleiman is entitled to nothing.

Wright has attempted to persuade the masses that he is Satoshi Nakamoto for many years now, but overwhelming evidence against his story has provoked the crypto community at large to dismiss Wrights theory and claims entirely.

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