Alors que le hashrate de Bitcoin reste élevé, La difficulté d'exploitation minière de BTC devrait atteindre un sommet à vie

Alors que le hashrate de Bitcoin reste élevé, La difficulté d'exploitation minière de BTC devrait atteindre un sommet à vie

During the last month, Bitcoin’s hashrate has been coasting along above the 200 exahash par seconde (EH/s) zone, minus a number of drops here and there above and below that range. Following two difficulty changes that saw the difficulty decrease by 1.84%, the networks difficulty is expected to increase 4.24% within the next 13 heures.

Bitcoin’s Difficulty Expected to Reach All-Time High

Bitcoin miners caught two breaks during the last month when the difficulty dropped two times in a row. The first 1.49% drop occurred at block height 725,760 en mars 3, 2022, and the second decrease was a 0.35% goutte, which occurred at block height 727,776 en mars 17, 2022.

The two consecutive drops made it 1.84% easier for all the mining participants to find BTC blocs. While the difficulty was 27.97 trillion prior to the two reductions, the current difficulty is 27.45 trillion on Wednesday morning at 8:00 un m. (HE). Within the next 13 heures, the difficulty is expected to increase this time around, sauter 4.24% higher if current estimations are correct.

With an expected 4.24% difficulty increase taking place, Bitcoin’s network difficulty will break records by reaching an all-time high (ATH). If the difficulty increases 4.24%, then the difficulty will be 28.62 trillion for the next two weeks that follow. Miners will deal with the hardest difficulty parameter they have ever dealt with in their mining careers.

Le co-fondateur d'Axie Infinity déclare que le jeu Blockchain prévoit de lancer un échange décentralisé, the difficulty changes that have taken place since January 1, 2020, after block height 610,848, moved at the fastest pace in the network’la durée de vie. Par exemple, it took 4,015 days to get to a difficulty rating of 13.80 mille milliards, or over ten years. From that point after block height 610,848, with a difficulty rating of 13.80 mille milliards, it took only 820 days or just over two years to reach the current 27.45 mille milliards.

Au moment de la rédaction, the networks hashrate is coasting along at 204.27 EH/s and has remained high during the last two weeks. While the hashrate has been fluctuating it has tapped a low of 153.97 EH/s on March 6, and a high of 246.88 EH/s on March 22. At the same time, the top mining pool on Wednesday is Foundry USA with 17.54% of the global hashrate. Foundry USA has 35.88 EH/s of hashpower and has found 77 blocks during the last three days.

In terms of global hashrate positions, Foundry USA is followed by Antpool, Binance Pool, Poolin, and F2pool, respectivement. Over the last 30 jours, Foundry USA and Antpool have been the top two mining pools finding the most blocks (1,480 blocks combined) le mois dernier. It will be interesting to see how the mining pools deal with the upcoming difficulty ATH. Observers will be watching to see how bitcoin miners and the hashrate react to the epoch difficulty change.

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