La capitalisation boursière de Tether se rapproche d'un niveau record alors que les concurrents luttent contre les rachats

Despite several U.S. dollar-pegged digital tokens experiencing notable redemptions in recent months, the largest stablecoin by market valuation, attache, is on the verge of achieving its highest-ever market capitalization. With a current value of $82.84 milliard, tether is a mere $433

Binance Reportedly Removes Restrictions on Russian Users

Le monde’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, has lifted certain restrictions on Russian users, local crypto media unveiled. According to multiple reports, Russians can once again use their bank cards to make deposits and the trading platform has canceled a limit on

Binance lance le produit WBETH de Liquid Staking basé sur l'éther pour rivaliser avec les concurrents du Liquid Staking

In an announcement made on April 24, Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange with the largest trade volume, unveiled its latest staking product, wrapped beacon eth (WBETH). This new addition to Binances staking solutions is built on the Ethereum network, joining the ranks

Bitget Features GoSleep (ZZZ) on Launchpad and Introduces Sunshine Pool

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE. Victoria, Seychelles 7 Apr 2023 – Bitget, the leading crypto derivatives exchange and copy trading platform, has announced a new round of launchpad listing featuring GoSleep (ZZZ), the leading Web3 sleep and healthy living reward app on Arbitrum. le…

Rogue Validator Exploits MEV Bots on Ethereum, Resulting in $25.3M in Crypto Losses

En avril 3, 2023, at Ethereum block height 16,964,664, a group of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) bots were exploited for $25.3 million. An analysis of the exploit revealed that a renegade validator switched the MEV botstransactions and seized various crypto

Transferts de Tether dans le chat introduits dans Telegram

Users of the Telegram messenger will now be able to send each other the leading stablecoin, attache (usdt), directly in the chats. The new option expands the list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase, vendre, and trade in the messaging app. Attache…

Les flux et reflux de l’économie stable se poursuivent avec la capitalisation boursière du BUSD tombant en dessous $10 Gamme en milliards

The realm of stablecoins is an ever-evolving landscape and the number of coins in circulation for the stablecoin BUSD has fallen below the 10 billion mark to approximately 9.68 billion on March 3, 2023. Over the last 30 jours, BUSD’s token

Binance augmente ses avoirs en USDC alors que la capitalisation boursière du BUSD baisse

Il y a huit jours, Paxos a annoncé que la société ne frapperait plus le stablecoin BUSD. Depuis, la pièce’La capitalisation boursière a diminué à mesure que les rachats sont devenus plus importants.. Entre-temps, un chercheur de données de Nansen a découvert que Binance,…

Presque 3 Des milliards de pièces stables BUSD ont été retirées du marché en 6 Jours

Il y a six jours, quelques heures avant que la plateforme d'infrastructure blockchain Paxos n'annonce qu'elle ne frapperait plus de pièces stables BUSD, $2.86 des milliards de BUSD ont été rachetés. Actuellement, Binance est l'échange de jetons BUSD le plus actif, and the stablecoin still