Fed Board, FDIC tellib Voyager Digitali föderaalse hoiusekindlustuse nõuete tagasivõtmiseks

Following Voyager Digitals application for bankruptcy protection during the first week of July, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Federal Reserve Board today issued a joint letter to the company demanding a cease and desist against Voyagers FDIC claims. The…

Bitcoin’s ‘Fundamental Value Is Not in Line With Market Price’ — Crypto Miner

Profitable bitcoin mining is essentially a result of an efficient and highly skilled team of professionals that can maintain runtime, a founder of a Bitcoin mining company has asserted. Seetõttu, even when the price is hovering around $20,000, a bitcoin miner

Crypto Firm Voyager Digital Secures a $500M Line of Credit From Alameda Ventures to Cope With 3AC Exposure

Kolm päeva tagasi, Bitcoin.com News reported on the publicly listed company Voyager Digital after the crypto firm announced that it was owed $655 million worth of digital assets. Now according to a press release from Voyager, the company has secured funds

$100 in Free Bitcoin: NBA Team Dallas Mavericks and Voyager Kick Off Partnership With BTC Bonus

The NBA team Dallas Mavericks has partnered with crypto platform Voyager and is offering its fans a $100 bonus in bitcoin to sign up and trade crypto on the partnered platform. “Meie’re going to come up with new ways to introduce