FTX Execs Gave $70 Million to Both Democrats and Republicans Heading Into the 2022 US Midterms

After the collapse of FTX, a number of journalists reported on the fact that FTX executives deployed significant donations to political leaders in the United States. During the most recent election cycle leading up to the U.S. midterms in 2022, reports

Biden Accuses Twitter of Spewing Lies Across the World as Elon Musk Rolls Out Twitter Blue Subscription

Elon Musk has started rolling out a $7.99-a-month Twitter Blue subscription service. USA. President Joe Biden, Kuid, is concerned that the billionaire has bought a social media platformthat spews lies all across the world.Stating that there areno editors

S&P Global Report Says EU and UK Are in a Recession, Putin Thinks the West Is Greedy

Täna’s blustery global economy has everyone on edge as inflation has wreaked havoc on the wallets of ordinary people and energy prices continue to soar worldwide. According to Credit Suisse, “the worst is yet to come,” as the global investment bank’s…

Nicolas Maduro Tempts West With an Abundance of Oil and Gas, Venezuelan President Wants Sanctions Lifted

Amid the economic rumblings across the world and the energy crisis in Europe, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has said his country is ready to step up and help with oil. Despite the fact that Venezuela has the largest supply of crude

Despite the White House Debate, Critics Insist US Officially in a Recession After 2 Consecutive Quarters of Negative GDP Growth

USA. economy has declined for the second-straight quarter as the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 0.9% in Q2. The Bureau of Economic Analysiss summary of the U.S. GDP follows the recent debate over the technical definition of a

Biden Administration Accused of Propaganda and ‘Redefining’ a Recession’s Technical Definition

After people have accused bureaucrats and government agencies of changing definitions during the last few years, Joe Biden’s administration now claims that a second consecutive quarter of negative gross domestic product (GDP) does not indicate the U.S. is in a recession….

Usaldusväärsusega seotud mured – Galopi küsitlus näitab Fed Chair'i usaldusreitingut kahekohalises järjekorras

Mais avaldatud Gallopi küsitluse järgi 2, the publics confidence in Americas current economic leaders has been deteriorating. Usaldus USA vastu. USA president Joe Biden. majandus on langenud 57% juurde 40%, and faith in Federal Reserve

Amid the Hottest US Inflation in 40 Aastaid, Biden Administration Blames Rising Prices on Shipping Industry

During the last few months, inflation has risen significantly in the United States as it has climbed at its fastest pace since 1982. Data shows younger families with children have been struggling to make ends meet, while reports further indicate retirees

Switzerland’s Largest Bank UBS Expects US Crypto Legislation to Take Time

Switzerlands largest bank, UBS, expects the United States Congress to take a long time to pass cryptocurrency legislation despite mounting interest in crypto investments and regulators calling for Congress to weigh in on crypto legislation. Congress Could Take a Long Time

USA inflatsioonimäär hüppas kõige kõrgemale 40 Aastaid kuni 7%, Inflatsiooniga mures olevad demokraadid jäävad erakonda kummitama

One of the hottest topics in the United States in 2022 is the rising inflation, as the U.S. Labor Departments data published on Wednesday indicated that the consumer price index (CPI) rose to 7% in December. This represents the largest annual