FTX Bankman-Fried kasutab väidetavalt Alameda vahendeid õiguskaitse eest tasumiseks

Kahe FTX-ile lähedase allika järgi, Sam Bankman-Fried, häbiväärne kaasasutaja, andis isale, Stanfordi õiguse professor Joseph Bankman, miljoneid dollareid. Väidetavalt kasutatakse raha õigusabikulude katmiseks. Allikad ütlesid, et Bankman-Fried andis väidetavalt…

Brasiilia valitsus valmistab ette uut dekreeti krüptovaluuta reeglite selgitamiseks

The Brazilian government is preparing to release a decree to fill the blank spaces that the recent approval of the cryptocurrency law has left open. Dokument, prepared by the Ministry of Finance, will establish the areas of oversight and responsibilities

Analyst Warns of Banks’ Authority to Confiscate Funds, Decline of US Dollar Purchasing Power

According to Lynette Zang, chief market analyst at ITM Trading, USA. banks have the legal authority to confiscate people’s funds due to legislation passed by Congress. Hiljutises intervjuus, Zang discussed how the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has

60 Organizations Launch Campaign Urging US Congress to Protect Privacy

Kolmapäeval, 60 organizations involved in cryptocurrencies, open-source and free software, and human rights and privacy-preserving projects launched a new campaign calling on the 118th U.S. Congress to protect privacy. The groups, including Fight for the Future, Electric Coin Co., ja…

Osprey Vies for Control of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust; Tron’s Justin Sun Offers to Invest Up to $1B on DCG Assets

Following charges by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against the crypto exchange Gemini and the digital currency lender Genesis, Tron founder Justin Sun told the press that he may be able to purchase assets from Genesis, up to $1 miljardit,…

El Salvador Approves Digital Assets Issuance Law

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved the Digital Assets Issuance Law, a framework that will allow the country to issue crypto-related debt instruments. The approved law, which was passed thanks to the majority that President Nayib Bukele has in Congress,…

USA seadusandja soovitab "võib-olla" krüpto keelustada, viidates suurematele probleemidele kui FTX

USA. senaator on soovitanud, et krüptoraha peaks “võib olla” keelatakse pärast krüptobörsi FTX kokkuvarisemist. Kuid, ta tunnistas, et keelustas krüpto “on väga raske, sest see läheb avamerele ja kes teab, kuidas see töötab.” Senaator Sherrod…

USA senaator kutsub Sam Bankman-Friedi FTX-i ja Alameda Researchi ebaõnnestumise kohta vastama

Two congressional hearings will be held next week on the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and U.S. lawmakers have asked former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) to testify. As the founder of FTX and Alameda Research, “you must answer for the

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Bill Resurfaces After General Ballot

The Brazilian cryptocurrency bill, sidelined several times due to the general election ballot that happened on October 30, might be discussed and voted on during the following week. Aruannete kohaselt, the project identified as 4.401/2021 will be on the agenda

FTX Execs Gave $70 Million to Both Democrats and Republicans Heading Into the 2022 US Midterms

After the collapse of FTX, a number of journalists reported on the fact that FTX executives deployed significant donations to political leaders in the United States. During the most recent election cycle leading up to the U.S. midterms in 2022, aruanded…