Hirm sõja ees, Ahvirõuged põhjustavad aktsia- ja krüptoturgude langust, samal ajal kui väärismetallide hind tõuseb

Stock and cryptocurrency markets on Thursday saw volatility, after experiencing fluctuations during the tensions between China and Taiwan on Tuesday and Wednesday. Major indexes like the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and NYSE have shed a few percentages today, while the global

US Central Bank Hikes Benchmark Rate by 75 bps, Fed’s Largest Increase Since 1994

USA. Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate by 75 baaspunktid (bps) kolmapäeval, and it was the largest increase since 1994. According to the Fed members expectations, the central bank will likely add another 1.5 percentage points by

Geopoliitiline risk ja Ukraina mured raputavad aktsiaid, Krüptovaluutad – kuld tõuseb kõrgemale

Kolmapäeval, global markets have been volatile as Ukraine officials declared a state of emergency amid fears of a Russian invasion. Wall Street’s top indexes shuddered during the days trading sessions, and cryptocurrency markets slipped more than 4% during the 24

Väärismetallid, Krüptovaluutad, Aktsiaturud kõiguvad pärast Powelli intressitõusu avaldusi

Equities, crypto markets, and precious metals did well during the early morning trading sessions on Wednesday, just before the U.S. central bank wrapped up its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. While the Fed said in a statement that the benchmark

Fedi protokolliaruanne „Bludgeons” ülemaailmsed turud — aktsiad, Krüpto, Väärismetallide väärtus langeb

Minutes from the U.S. Föderaalreserv’s policy meeting on December 14-15 show that the central bank is being persistent about unwinding quantitive easing (QE) tactics and that it views ultra-low interest rates as no longer necessary. Global markets immediately dropped after