USA senati panganduse juht kritiseerib Super Bowli krüptoreklaame, Väidab, et "suured krüptoettevõtted on meeleheitel"

The United States senator from Ohio and Senate Banking Committee chief Sherrod Brown is not a fan of cryptocurrencies. This week during Tuesdays stablecoin hearing, Brown criticized all the cryptocurrency companies who advertised during the Super Bowl this past weekend and

FTC Warns of Romance Scams Luring People Into Bogus Cryptocurrency Investments

USA. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned about romance scams using cryptocurrency. Scammers use romance as a hook to lure people into bogus investments, especially crypto, the federal agency explained. “2021 numbers are nearly five times those reported in 2020,

Russian Government to Track Crypto Transactions With Help From Anti-Drug Organization

Russian institutions have responded to a call from а public movement for joint efforts to identify cryptocurrency transfers related to drug trade. The anti-drug organization, Stopnarkotik, recently asked the interior ministry and the central bank to investigate alleged connections between U.S.-sanctioned