Venemaa ei saa hakkama ilma piiriüleste krüptomakseteta, Konsensus saavutatud

Key government institutions have agreed that Russia needs to legalize crypto payments for international settlements. The proposal has been gaining support in the past few months since Moscows decision to invade Ukraine was met with wave after wave of Western sanctions….

Vietnam’s Blockchain Industry Faces Shortage of Talent

The booming blockchain sector in Vietnam is having to deal with a serious deficit in specialists, teatas kohalik meedia. Despite the large number of software engineers in the country, those with blockchain expertise meet less than a fifth of the current

Crypto Ban in Russia Can Have Opposite Effect, Medvedev Warns as Opposition Mounts Against Proposal

Dmitry Medvedev, former president and prime minister of Russia, has voiced his concerns over Bank of Russias initiative to ban most crypto operations. Prohibition could bring the opposite result, the Russian politician warned, joining a chorus of opinions against the restrictive

Etoro piirab regulatiivsete probleemide tõttu USA-s Cardano ja Troni teenuseid

Etoro, an Israel-based trading platform, has taken action on its platform regarding the trading of cardano and tron. Nüüd, U.S.-based customers will have limited functionality with these cryptocurrencies on the Etoro platform starting in December. Etoro explained in a post that