Paraguay senat kiitis heaks krüptovaluuta seaduse

The Paraguayan Senate has approved a bill that seeks to regulate cryptocurrencies and their operations in the country. The bill, which had already been submitted to the deputy chamber, was approved with some changes suggested, establishing clear definitions and tax exemptions

Bitfarmid muretsevad Bitcoini hindade languse pärast keset oma investeerimisplaani Latami

Bitfarms, a global bitcoin mining company, has told that the price of bitcoin, above all other elements, is one of the most important factors for the future of the industry. Damián Polla, Bitfarms Latam General Manager, stated that countries like Argentina,…

Krüptovaluuta arve edastatakse Paraguay saadikutekojale

A cryptocurrency bill introduced in July to the Senate of Paraguay has been approved. The text, which defines several important concepts including virtual assets, and establishes the need for licenses to mine cryptocurrencies, will now advance to the Deputy Chamber to