Brazil and China Deepen Trade Integration to Move Away From US Dollar, as First Yuan-Based Settlement Is Processed

Brazil and China have reached a milestone in their economic integration, as the first bilateral settlement in Chinese yuan was completed ahead of the visit of President Luis InacioLulada Silva to China. The settlement, which was processed by the

Brasiilia valitsus valmistab ette uut dekreeti krüptovaluuta reeglite selgitamiseks

The Brazilian government is preparing to release a decree to fill the blank spaces that the recent approval of the cryptocurrency law has left open. Dokument, prepared by the Ministry of Finance, will establish the areas of oversight and responsibilities

Brasiilia presidendikandidaat "Lula" Da Silva annab märku Brasiilia keskpanga osalemisest krüptoregulatsioonis

The presidential candidate that obtained most of the votes in the first Brazilian ballot round, Luis Inacio Da Silva, better known asLula,” declared that the Central Bank of Brazil should be responsible for building a cryptocurrency law framework. Lula also