Iran Returns Seized Crypto Mining Equipment to Miners

A government body responsible for state property in Iran has released some of the hardware seized from illegal crypto mining farms. Its top executive explained the agency was obliged to do that by courts in the Islamic Republic, where unlicensed miners

Data Shows There’s No Profits Left for Bitcoin Miners That Can’t Obtain Cheap Electricity, Run Efficient Mining Rigs

During the last few weeks bitcoin’s cost of production has been higher than the leading crypto asset’s spot market value and in turn, this has put massive pressure on bitcoin miners. On Nov. 30, 2022, statistics show if miners paying for

Natural Gas Price Hike Hits Crypto Miners in Iran

Companies using natural gas as a power source to mint digital currency in Iran will have to deal with a sharp increase in the price of the fuel. The new rates set by the state-run supplier are almost double the previous

Nicolas Maduro Tempts West With an Abundance of Oil and Gas, Venezuelan President Wants Sanctions Lifted

Amid the economic rumblings across the world and the energy crisis in Europe, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has said his country is ready to step up and help with oil. Despite the fact that Venezuela has the largest supply of crude

"Keskklass ei jää enam,"Miljonid pühitakse välja" – kaks turukrahhi ennustust, Gaasikartellid, ja vaalad liigutavad Mt Goxi münte: uudistenädala ülevaade

In this weeks News Week in Review, one market strategist issues a dire warning about the U.S. economy and a large market crash that could cause a “50 juurde 60 percent haircutin stocks. Further, the Russian government is reportedly

Iraan muudab eeskirju, et hõlbustada krüptokaevurite juurdepääsu taastuvenergiale

Authorities in Iran have revised some rules for the crypto mining industry in order to facilitate its access to green power. Licensed miners will now be able to purchase electricity produced from renewable sources from across the country at lower rates….

Iraan sulgeb rekordiliselt suure energianõudluse tõttu krüptokaevandusfarmid

Iraani võimud kavatsevad litsentsitud krüptokaevandusrajatised vooluvõrgust lahti ühendada, kuna elektritarbimine riigis on jõudmas rekordkõrgusele. Kaevandusfarmid lõigatakse võrgust ära kolmapäeval, the Islamic Republics Ministry of Energy announced. Legal Crypto

Iran Blocks 9,200 Bank Accounts Over Suspicious Foreign Currency, Crypto Transactions

Iraan’s Ministry of Intelligence has reportedly blocked almost 10,000 bank accounts over suspicious foreign currency and cryptocurrency transactions. The action was carried out in collaboration with the countrys central bank. 9,219 Bank Accounts Blocked Irans Ministry of Intelligence issued a statement

Hävitatud ebaseaduslike krüptokaevandusfarmide arv Iraanis läheneb 7,000

Iraani võimud on peaaegu sulgenud 7,000 volitamata rajatised krüptoraha kaevandamiseks viimase kahe aasta jooksul, teatas kohalik meedia. Vastavalt aruandele, enamik illegaalseid bitcoinifarme oli koondunud viide Islamivabariigi provintsi,…

Crypto’s Sanction-Slipping Power: Why Bitcoin’s Neutrality Is Its Greatest Humanitarian Asset

Decentralized networks such as Bitcoins dont know national allegiance, they only know math. And when youre trying to get your savings out of an ATM, or send a payment to relatives in a war-torn environment, someone elses politics is the last