El Salvador Approves Digital Assets Issuance Law

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved the Digital Assets Issuance Law, a framework that will allow the country to issue crypto-related debt instruments. The approved law, which was passed thanks to the majority that President Nayib Bukele has in Congress,…

El Salvador Chivo Wallet Programmer Opens Up About Alleged ID Fraud, Tech and Money Laundering Issues

A Chivo wallet programmer has opened up about the different problems that the flagship cryptocurrency wallet of El Salvador faced during its initial stages. Shaun Overton, who alleges he was hired to help in the handling of the issues, has talked

Professor Steve Hanke Says US Economy Was Flat Over the Last Year, but Stresses ‘It’s Going to Hit South’

Amid the chaotic economy, plagued with central bank tinkering, supply chain issues, and red-hot inflation, the professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, Steve Hanke believes apretty big recessionwill take place in 2023. Speaking in an interview on

Hiljutine küsitlus näitab, et El Salvadori kodanikke ei müüda ikka veel Bitcoinis

Avaliku Arvamuse Ülikooli Instituudi hiljutine küsitlus, osa Simeon Canase Kesk-Ameerika ülikoolist, on leidnud, et El Salvadori ei köida ikka veel idee bitcoinist seadusliku maksevahendina. The poll results indicate that almost two-thirds

Lähedal 60,000 BTC Erased From Bitcoin Treasuries in 9 Kuud, 4 Entities Hold More Than 100K BTC

During the last two years, a number of public and private companies, exchange-traded products (ETPs), and countries have added bitcoin to their balance sheet. Kuid, during the last nine months of 2022, the number of bitcoin stored in these types of

Senator Indira Kempis Proposes Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender in Mexico

Indira Kempis, senator of the Mexican Congress, has proposed a bill that would make bitcoin legal tender in the country. The bill bases its action on the hardships that Mexican citizens are facing went trying to access financial products and education….

Salvadori president Bitcoini investoritele: Teie BTC investeering on turvaline, Kasvab tohutult pärast karuturgu

El Salvadori presidendil on bitcoini investoritele mõned nõuanded. He believes investments in the largest cryptocurrency are safe and willimmensely growafter the bear market. Päästja’s President on Bitcoin Investments The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele,…

Fitch Ratings Downgrades El Salvador Deeper Into Junk Status Citing Bitcoin Risks

One of the largest rating agencies in the U.S., Fitch Ratings, has downgraded El Salvadors long-term default rating deeper into junk status, citing risks from adopting bitcoin as legal tender as a key reason. “The adoption of bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador Rejects IMF Call to Abandon Bitcoin as Legal Tender

El Salvador has rejected the recommendation by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to drop bitcoin as legal tender. The countrys finance minister reportedlyangrily” ütles, “No international organization is going to make us do anything, anything at all.El Salvador Says

Rahaloomeamet ütleb El Salvadorile: Bitcoini seadusliku pakkumise tegemise kulud ületavad potentsiaalset kasu

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has told El Salvador that the costs of implementing the countrys Bitcoin law, which makes the cryptocurrency legal tender, exceed the potential benefits. The IMF has also urged El Salvador to dissolve theFidebitcointrust fund