Ukraina võtab nüüd Polkadoti, Ütleb, et võtab peagi vastu ka teisi münte

Having already raised millions of dollars in major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ukraine is now receiving donations in polkadot as well. The country intends to expand the list of accepted coins as it increasingly relies on help from the crypto community to

Tipust alla: Pilk sellele, kui kaugele on krüptovarad oma kõigi aegade kõrgpunktidest langenud

Digital currencies had a phenomenal year, and a great deal of the crypto assets in existence reached all-time high (ATH) prices against the worlds fiat currencies. Kuid, the same digital currencies that tapped ATHs last year are currently down a great

2021’s Digital Asset Shuffle: Sel aastal liikus kaootiliselt lugematu arv krüptoturgude ülempiiri positsioone

2021 has been a bullish year for crypto assets. While prices have risen a great deal, the top ten and top twenty rankings in terms of market capitalization have also changed significantly. A great number of coins have either been pushed

Finantsteenuste ettevõte SBI Group käivitab Jaapanis mitmekesise krüptofondi

SBI Group, the financial services company group based in Tokyo, Jaapan, has announced the launch of a crypto asset fund that consists of seven different digital currencies. The crypto fund launched by the Japanese company includes bitcoin, ethereum, xrp, litecoin, bitcoin…