Venemaa parlamendile esitati NFT seaduse eelnõu

Lawmakers have filed a bill with the State Duma aimed at introducing the term NFTs to Russian legislation. The authors of the draft say the rights of those who own non-fungible tokens need to be protected as Russians are currently dealing

Russia’s Federation Council to Set Up Working Group on Crypto Regulations

The Federation Council of the Russian legislature is forming a working group expected to propose comprehensive regulations for cryptocurrencies. Officials from several ministries and government agencies, as well as members of the countrys expanding crypto industry, will join the body. Federation

Digitaalse ümberkujundamise komitee soovitab vastu võtta muudetud Ukraina krüptoseadust

Seadus “Virtuaalsete varade kohta,” Ukraina’s katse reguleerida oma kasvavat krüptoruumi, on uuesti läbi vaadatud ja soovitatud lõplikuks vastuvõtmiseks. A key parliamentary committee has given its support for the bill which was vetoed by the Ukrainian president this

Russian Parliament to Consider Restrictions for Non-Qualified Crypto Investors

Cryptocurrency can be quite complicated for some and lawmakers in Russia think they need to contemplate restrictions for private investors. According to a high-ranking representative of the legislature, the Russian parliament needs to provide them withmaximum protectionagainst the risks….