Brasiilia valitsus valmistab ette uut dekreeti krüptovaluuta reeglite selgitamiseks

The Brazilian government is preparing to release a decree to fill the blank spaces that the recent approval of the cryptocurrency law has left open. Dokument, prepared by the Ministry of Finance, will establish the areas of oversight and responsibilities

Aruanne: FTX Promised High Earnings to African Students That Successfully Recruited Fellow Learners

The collapsed crypto exchange FTX reportedly used the lure of high earnings to convince African university students to become its ambassadors. In addition to encouraging new FTX investors to use the platform, student ambassadors were also required to teach them about

Fintech Bill Approved and Ready to Be Sanctioned in Chile

A fintech bill, which seeks to regulate fintech and cryptocurrency-related activities in Chile, has been approved by the deputy chamber of the congress, leaving it ready to be sanctioned by the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric. According to individuals in the

Web3 Gaming Still Growing Despite Economic Woes, According to Dappradar Report

According to a recent report produced by Dappradar, the Web3 gaming industry has managed to raise $750 million since August 1st in spite of the crypto downturn, with several important projects registering positive numbers regarding sales and activity. Web3 Gaming Industry

Moody’si osariikide inflatsioon mõjutab majanduse elavnemist Latami osas

Moody’s, the asset quality rating agency, has warned the high rate of inflation that some countries are facing in Latam will affect the economic recovery in the region. Brasiilia, Chile, and Mexico are said to be the countries more affected by

Ethereumi konsensuse pööre panuse tõendamise poole paneb kasutajad muretsema protokollitaseme tsenseerimise võimalikkuse pärast

The upcoming consensus change that Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is planning to execute in September has worried many users about the possibility of censorship happening at a protocol level. See tähendab, et, even by interacting directly with