Reporte: Korean Central Bank to Gain Right to Probe Virtual Asset Entities After Financial Regulator Drops Opposition

The South Korean central bank is set to be granted the right to investigate virtual assets after the Financial Services Commission (FSC) dropped its opposition to the move. According to a report, the FSC dropped its opposition to the central bank’s

US Treasury Report Warns of Defi’s Threat to National Security, Authors Conclude Fiat Is Used in Illicit Finance More Than Crypto

Los Estados Unidos. Treasury has released a 42-page report assessing the risks of decentralized finance (definitivamente). The report states that specific nation-state adversaries, cybercriminals, ransomware attackers, thieves, and scammers are using defi totransfer and launder their illicit proceeds.The Treasury’s report

Oman Capital Markets Regulator Plans to Establish a Virtual Assets Regulatory Framework

The Oman Capital Market Authority (CMA) has said it plans to establish a regulatory regime to govern as well as develop the country’s virtual assets market. The regulator said the envisaged regulatory regime enables it to avail analternative financing and

North Korea Stole Record Amount of Crypto Assets in 2022, UN Report Unveils

The regime in North Korea has managed to steal more cryptocurrency last year than in previous years, according to a draft U.N. reporte. Despite the difference between quoted estimates, the authors conclude that 2022 was a record-breaking year for crypto theft,…

Nigerian Presidential Hopeful’s Party Says It Will Review Country’s Blockchain and Crypto Policy if Elected

The party of the Nigerian presidential hopeful Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has promised to set up an advisory committee to review regulations that govern blockchain and virtual asset services if it wins in the upcoming elections. The All Progressives Congress also said

Hong Kong introducirá licencias para criptoplataformas a través de la ley AML

New legislation tailored to regulate the crypto space in Hong Kong aims to implement a licensing regime for crypto service providers. The respective changes to the regions anti-money laundering (AML) rules have been submitted to its legislature while a recently published

La SEC de Nigeria anuncia nuevas reglas que rigen la emisión de activos digitales

The Nigerian securities regulator has announced new rules that govern the issuing of digital assets. The new rules also include registration requirements for platforms that offer digital assets. Initial Assessment Filing The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEGUNDO) has announced new

Dubai Virtual Assets Regulator Establishes HQ in the Metaverse

The Dubai virtual assets regulator, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), has established its metaverse headquarters in The Sandbox virtual world. By establishing a presence in the metaverse, the regulator said it hopes to make itself accessible to all stakeholders. World’s…

Omán incorporará la tokenización de bienes raíces en el marco regulatorio de activos virtuales

La tokenización de bienes raíces se incorporará a la Autoridad de Mercados de Capital de Omán (OCMA)’s marco regulatorio de activos virtuales. Según un asesor de la autoridad, la tokenización de inmuebles abrirá oportunidades de inversión para inversionistas locales y extranjeros. Real Estate

Omán invita a presentar ofertas de empresas interesadas en crear un marco regulatorio para activos virtuales

Authorities in the Middle Eastern state of Oman have asked specialized companies, interested in helping the country set up a regulatory framework for virtual assets, to submit their proposals. Interested companies need to submit their proposals no later than March 23,